What is the best way to hold pizzas before we bag for delivery?

We have to conveyor ovens stacked. I have been keeping orders stacked in the boxes on top of my ovens to keep them warm while waiting for drivers. Should I purchase heat plates? Or how about a proofer cabinet? Or is it best to bag them right away and let them sit while waiting for a driver? We usually arent holing them for more than ten minutes? Anyone have ideas for me thanks.


Heat rack with strip warmers

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Most of our clients use heated cabinets Made by Lockwood Mfg…

George Mills

We use Cres Cor pass-through warming cabinets, we bought a few from a Little C for cheap. Small footprint, on casters, and does the job.

Cabinets are great for longer term storage, like for holding pre cooked pizzas for quick serve/walk in purchase, however, if you are holding short term like for routing to the drivers a simple pizza holding table, or route stand, is a good option. While the cabinet can be located in the customer lobby area for carry out or pick up, you can locate the warming table near the back door for the drivers to keep your kitchen clear of excessive traffic. We supply many of our high volume customers with one of each! Pictured is an example of a simple route stand that we use.PHT.JPG