What is the equivalent of Yeast?

What is the equivalent of 1/8 pound of Fresh Cake Yeast to the Dry Instant Yeast?

I have always used the Cake yeast but the last few times I bought it, it has been like putty, which I assume means it’s almost DEAD! because my dough has NO RISE to it anymore :x

I figure i’ll start using the Instant dry yeast which I can just buy anywhere and know it’s always alive and ready to poof. :wink:

Thanks all!

I don’t wrangle yeast for bread/dough, but I found this from the Doctor of all things baked that might help:

http://www.pmq.com/tt/viewtopic.php?t=9 … tant+yeast

ok, so 1/8 chunk of the compressed yeast should be 19 grams of IDY… did I do that math correctly?

And other then little teaspoon packs or the full 1lb pack that you buy at the store… does it come any other way?

I go though about 1 full brick (1#) of Compressed yeast a week, so in throry the 1# IDY should last me 3 weeks… but only has a shelf life of 1 week. :roll: doh!