What is the most popular Pizza chain in America?

Just wondering:

What actually is the most popular pizza chain in America?
Is there any way to find out what is the most popular chain among college students?

Thanks for the help!

I would guess little ceasars because they are cheap.

Suppose it depends on what you mean by “popluar”. Biggest?

Cheap seems to work with college kids. Caesars, Pizza Hut, Dominos . . .

The largest pizza chain is Pizza Hut. Have no idea about your question on most popular college town chain. All seem to take an interest in that market.

Hands down . . . Nick’s Pizzeria, Grantville, Georgia. :smiley:

Nick, he said CHAIN! :roll:

Ok , Drunk again… What the he** is wrong with people? Why do they eat this CRAP ? I’d prefer to go hungry than eat this imitation cheese SHIT. Maybe I’m the weird one? Millions can"t be wrong.

You may be drunk posting, but at least you are not drunk dialing old girlfriends.