What is this country coming to?

Is anybody here in Newark? I heard about this on the radio this morning and googled it, this sucks!


I think the pizza shop owners in Newark should pass a resolution requiring the city council to have psychiatrists on duty when the council is in session. IMHO the best thing to ever come outa Newark was an empty bus.

They did this in Chicago back in the 1980s when the gangs were taking over downtown. It lasted about a year if I remember right. Too many “Armed Guards” shooting people on the streets and it went away. Not too mention…how does an armed guard stop a drive-by shooting? This makes no sense. How about a few more cops on the streets instead of al the stores paying for armed guards? Now that just makes sense…so it will never happen. :roll:

You have to wonder how the courts will view it when an armed guard employed by your pizzaria shoots a punk with a BB pistol trying to rob a customer in the parking lot. I bet the pizzaria is liable for a wrongfull death. Insurance through the roof.

Not sure about elsewhere, but I doubt the courts here in Florida would even file charges much less find fault. But then again, this is known as the gunshine state.

Last night at about 1:45 a.m. my manager had to call the police because there was a 3-year old toddling around in front of the building by herself. Must have wandered over from the neighboring apartment complex. Too late to have any details in the newspaper, but I really hope this will turn out to be a “distraught parents reunited with sleepwalking child” and not a “crystal-meth/heroin near-tragedy” story.

Newark (the second most dangerous city in the U.S.) just laid off over 10% of it’s police force.

And how many city councilmen have they laid off? School administrators?