What is your best direct mail campaign?

Hi Guys,

Curious to see what your most successful direct mail campaigns have been?

Our most successful was a 10K DL drop advertising is as the only wood fire pizza shop in our suburb. Got a hundred or so new customers from it the week it went out and probably a 3.5K boost in sales over the following fortnight.

Keen to here what has worked for you guys?

The best campaign is one that is done CONSISTENTLY. It is more important to put SOMETHING in a mailbox on a regular basis than nothing or sporatically.

Reach vs consistency.

Don’t try to mail out very far (location specific) from your store. Just pinpoint your store in the middle of your area and divide it up into 4 areas, (North, South, East & West). Find the area that the majority of your sales are from and mail them VERY regularly. Then alternate the other 3.

I have realized that the further out I go in advertising the less response I receive.

Remember that you always go fishing where the fishing is good! Then you often start casting close to your current spot. You rarely just choose a spot for no reason and start casting.

I agree with Bubba. A majority of our business comes from a 5 mile radius and then up to 15 miles south of us because of a few geographic reasons. I consistantly target all those areas with an 11"X17" menu flyer that goes out each week to a certain route and covers all routes in that radius within 8 weeks and then it repeats the same schedule over and over again.

If there is a certain event that will bring people close to you it is a good idea to schedule a direct mail run that hits the area that you think people will come from.

Being consistant has helped us achieve sales that are very consistant. For example: Our slowest month of the year is $80K and our busiest is $94K. This really helps keep our staff busy and provides them with consistant hours per week throughout the year.