What Is Your Credit Policy

I received a call from a customer stating that he didn’t like his pizza. There was nothing wrong with it, I made it myself, the guy just said it didn’t have enough sauce on it and he said it was the worst pizza he had ever had. I offered to make him a new one and send it over and for him to give the other one back to the driver. Well he said he ate the pizza but he wanted a credit for it. I said I was sorry, I couldn’t give him a credit. He swore at me and then hung up. What would you have done in this situation. The logic behind my thinking is that what if you tried to return a shirt at a store. You wanted a credit but you didn’t have the shirt anymore. Am I wrong?

He ate it, but it was so horrible he had to call and complain? Throw the BS flag on that one!

You’re right, you can’t give credit. If something was wrong, that’s one thing. If it’s just not to his liking, it really sucks to be him.

Unfortunately, you may lose one potential customer because of that jerk. Fortunately, you may not get some of the scammers he would have turned on to you, had you refunded him. Maybe to offer him a half-price pie, and then discount it even a bit more (and make sure he knows it) would have been an angle. But, don’t worry.

Credit Policy: Whenever possible, give the customer the benefit of the doubt.

“My apologies. I’ll write you up a credit and place it in our mess-up file. Next time you call, just let the person taking the order know you have a credit and he or she will take care of you.”

If it’s a first time, then give it. It’s like $3 cost to make a customer happy and not bad mouth you to friends. Let him know that in any future such complaint, then you need at least half back or something. This isn’t a Cadillac or something. that will be the cheapest customer retention program you use all year. you have a guy talking about how you took care of him and value his business (and if it is a scam, you exposure is $3 in food costs).

Nte his account and make sure he is called on it if it happens again soon.

Just my 2 lire.

Any other employee: Bring up the customers record and see if it is marked “No more fee stuff”. If not, “yes sir, I’m sorry about that, I can put a credit on your record…”

Me: Check to see how many previous orders he had and how long ago they were. Check for other credits, etc. Decide based on that - but 95% chance of the above if there has been no history of credits.

Our policy is: If you return the pizza, we will either make u a new one, or refund your money if you prefer. In your example, since he ate it, the question becomes: Did we mess up the order? (Was the pizza made correctly? Since we don’t put much sauce on, and that is posted prominately, we would have said: Sorry, you should have ordered extra sauce. If a customer wants a pizza made in a non-standard way, it is HIS job to order it so. It is important to not let the disagreement deteriorate to a personal issue: Any customer, who does not get his way, will throw a hissy fit - don’t respond on that level, just say “Sorry, I can’t help you”. The customer will cool off, and realize he was being unreasonable - but not if you call him the idiot he is.

We will remake the pizza or give a refund right then and there… but not if the whole pie has been eaten. It is simply not fair for the customer to eat the whole thing before they call and the customer knows it.