What is your Weekly Sales Average?

Given the large diversity in the Think Tank, I thought it would be nice to know the different volumes people operate (if this has already been discussed, I apologize).

If you feel like sharing a little more detail (type of business, number of stores, years open, etc), please feel free. I wanted to offer the poll as an option for people who do not want to get too specific.

Single store, Small market. Bought the store 2 years ago, it was doing roughly 10k a week. Still doing the same, but have reduced my hours to 13 hours less per week (Basically i removed a whole business day in labor). and i am still doing the same business.

Just finished setting up my marketing campaign and it started last week. We jumped almost $800 in the first week (BUT it also snowed so, i can not say how much was the new advertising or how much was the snow).

Part of a small regional chain - First store I purchased (May 2001) in a residential market is now averaging $32,000 week - 28,000 addresses. 110 weeks in a row of beating the previous year’s sales!

Store #2 Campus/Residential - $32,000 week while students in session, $25,000 when out. 35,000 addresses PLUS campus housing. 36 Months in a row of beating previous years sales.

Both those stores were avg $20,000 weeks back in Oct 2011.

Third store in a smaller 3 community area - purchased in January 2011 doing $6,000 avg. Now $13,000 week 24,000 addresses and over saturated pizza market (more total pizza shops than larger stores areas). We jumped up after the new Papa Johns was open for 3 weeks.

D9 that is a fairly recent purchase. If you don’t mind me asking what did you purchase it for? In my area (Cape Cod, MA) that would go for about 120k-160k. I’ve looked at literally a couple hundred listings in the past few months within a 2 hour drive here and I notice that the listing price for a business is usually inflated quite a bit over what it will sell for. I’m guessing that is the norm??

If I were to list my house I know it is worth 300 so I would try to list it for oohh I don’t know 315…If I used a business philosophy I suppose it would have to be 500…

I did the poll, but you do realize the meaninglessness of it, don’t you? To be meaningful at all, you would have to combine that number with how much profit you make.

Your in the neighborhood. Just started a advertising campaign this past week, Sales have jumped $1k in one week. Several factors that may have helped that this week beyond the advertising, but here’s hoping i keep it up.

1st store mostly residential night and weekend business middle class and low income 25K addresses = 18K a week in sales. Massive amount of competition here.

2nd store low income residential of around 25K and a large daytime population 52K a week in sales. Very weak competition poor operators.

3rd store low, low, low income residential 18K adresses 17K a week in sales. Average competition.

4th store middle income 14K address large daytime population 13K a week ( been open for 5 weeks )

I agree with smeaglo8. This topic always pops up, who’s the biggest, fastest, mostest da da dah… I’m guessing what most are interested in is how much is leftover that you pay Uncle Sam taxes on? So a new poll might be, what were your total taxable earnings, or more specifically: your ADJUSTED GROSS INCOME?

  1. Negative, you lost money for the whole year.
  2. zero, you made nothing the entire year.
  3. Less than $10K
  4. Between $10K-$50K
  5. Between $50K-$100K
  6. Between $100K-$150K
  7. Between $150K-$250K
  8. Between $250K-$500K
  9. Between $500K-$1M
  10. More than $1M

Sales are an indicator of volume, but do not reflect profitability. You can have $20k/week in sales and earn 5% profit, OR you can have the same $20K/week and earn 40% profit. Having $20K/week in sales says very clearly that you’ve got good volume, not that you’re making a ton of money. On the other hand, having $4K/week says clearly you’re a low volume operation with suspect earnings.

I’d rather have a store with $15K/week sales and $5K profit, than a $20K/week store with $2K profit. *With the assumption that both are running the best they can be.

Pizza 2007 nailed it in mho , for years i averaged around 8-9k a week in a very difficult seasonal market, which is very low compared to many operators here, and had a fairly low net ( still thankfull for it ) , now my gross is slightly more but my net improved drastically, just pinching pennies. Attention to detail ,

“watch the pennies and nickels, and the dollars will take care of themselves”

That’s a good point, Most of you guys probably do more in one night on the weekend then our weekly average but I still manage to make a nice living, gotta love low overhead!

BspaPizza,whats your website , address ? Like to Check you out !

1 rural location that is also a carryout. Approx 15 mins from nearest pizza place and only 1 other restaurant within that span (which is closed evenings) but a decent sized population to support us. Took over about a year and half ago from a family that had neither the knowledge or apparent desire to manage the place successfully. They had no POS so their numbers aren’t available (well, aren’t reliable actually) but feedback from vendors and the few employees we kept were that we increased business considerably from what it was before to around $5600 a week. Still not where we want to be yet as far as changing recipes and building improvements so we have held off on major marketing push. This year we reduced overhead by changing hours (opening at 4pm instead of 10 am weekdays) and eliminating delivery. Revenues are down to about $4700 currently, but we are far more profitable. My fiance and I also work it full time so our payroll is also greatly reduced, outside of ourselves.

Opened 4 yrs ago. One store. Just expanded to a Beer bar and added 12 TV’s ( thank god Section 179 was signed by congress this week! http://www.section179.org/ ) . 2 blocks from Colorado State University. Delivery is still the name of our game ( staff of 70). We average about ~250-300 deliveries a day. Weekly sales are eclipsing $50,000 a week. Tax time is brutal if you aren’t ready for it! Off the subject: anyone have any good info on where to buy reasonably prices Hobart mixers?