What kind of broccoli for pizza topping?

What kind of broccoli do you use for your pizza topping? We’ve always used a frozen chopped broccoli. The problem is that it always seems to spoil within a day or two of opening the bag. Ideally, I would like something that lasts for at least 3 days.

We use frozen chopped broccoli as well. If it’s going on a pizza it should be fine straight from frozen, just have it as one if there very top toppings. If you use a deck oven it may not work since it’s radiating heat rather than an amount of heat blowing down on the top of the pizza

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I’d be interested to know what to use for deck ovens myself

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We do use deck ovens. Our one location has deck ovens that have brick lined ceilings which helps cook the top a little differently then normal. The frozen broccoli that we get comes in a solid block that would be hard to break off. Do you get a product that breaks apart easily? Does the water from the frozen broccoli affect the finished product at all? We usually drain a lot of water out of our broccoli.

Ours breaks apart easily, but we have substituted the blocks and they are a pain in the ass. I think you’re looking for IQF chopped broccoli or IQF broccoli florets

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I’ve always just steamed it in the oven. I like to put it in a deep dish pan, toss the florets in butter/salt/pepper, and cover it with a lid for 2 runs. Cool it down and keep it under the prep table. Done a broccoli cheddar, bacon broccoli cheddar as a white pie. The former sells well during lent on Fridays. Second only to Shrimp Pesto during lent.

Thanks! I’m assuming that you’re steaming fresh broccoli, not frozen? How long can you keep it after it’s prepped until it spoils? I’m hoping to only have to prep it 3 times per week.

I always felt the frozen broccoli gives off too much water and has spongy texture. we just chop up fresh broccoli and put it on raw. comes out better in my humble opinion.

Yeah frozen broccoli gives off a ton of water and it spoils in 2 days.
Fresh broccoli if its not steamed first is sometimes still hard if you put it on the pizza straight away.

A workaround for fresh broccoli is to microwave it for 30 seconds then put it on the pizza.

Ive come to the conclusion broccoli is a pain in the ass, and its not anywhere near as popular as other toppings… but its so good when done right Im torn…
Maybe thats why Dominos doesnt offer broccoli as a topping in my area at least

Yep, fresh broccoli always. Don’t even have a freezer! Not sure about the shelf life. I don’t like waste so I only prep veggies for 1.5 days worth so if I have an unexpected busy night I still don’t run out and just do prep again the next day. I personally don’t like to keep prepped fresh veggies longer than 2 days and never had an issue with the broccoli over 2 days so you’re probably good with 3 times per week. See how it goes and keep us all posted!

At one point DP did offer Broccoli- it was frozen and short lived. That was many years ago- along with Jalapeno Poppers.
I always had it in the store (Domino’s) for the crew and for special customers. Fresh, a splash of water and 20 seconds in the micro was my way of “blanching” it… then on the pie.