what kind of cheese are you using ?

Anyone using Bacio ? what are current prices you are paying ? Any grande users out there ? are you happy with rest depo cheese ? All comments and posts appreciated ! Thanks ,

Been using Grande’ forever. Tried them all and always come back to Grande’. IMO “when you have the best, who needs the rest”

Tony, how much are you paying ? Distributer ?

We use Grande Whole-milk, and their Romano. I’ve tried the commodity grade cheeses from sysco and such, and I was not pleased at all

What do you pay for Grande?

We use Sorrento shredded 50/50 whole mozz/provolone. This week it was $2.41 a pound delivered through my supplier. Sometimes I can get it cheaper if I pick it up at Rest Depot, but it’s worth it to not have to transport it. Right now though, it’s actually slightly cheaper through the vendor. Still kicking around the cost savings of money vs time of shredding our own. We’re so low volume right now (150lbs/week at our busiest) that I don’t think its worth it.

I don’t consider that there is any expense involved in shredding our own cheese and we do quite a bit more than 150 lbs per week. There is plenty of time during our day shift to get it done and we do not have to bring in anyone else to add that to the task list. We save about 10 cents per pound. At 150 pounds per week that would come to at least $750 per year. hmmm What percentage is that of your annual net profit?

Save $750 here and $750 there and pretty soon it adds up to real money.

Using Sysco’s Arezzio brand for years. $1.97 a pound last order + a 2.5% discount for drop size. Shredding cheese everyday doesn’t take that long, and like the previous poster I have the staff here to do it and Hobart machines. We also stretch our own from curds for specialties, much more expensive.

50/50 diced 2.87 lb. Greco