What kind of oven should I purchase??

Hey everyone my name is Kenny, and i am tryin to open my own signature pizza shop down here in clearwater Fl. I am trying to make a great signature pizza cause i wanna be known for THE PIZZA !! ? Is there any special oven that i can get to cook a thin crust and a thick crust evenly? I would really like to be known for the flavor that is most important!

Get a Bakers Pride Y600. It’s a true work horse.

I firmly agree and if you want to go smaller try the 4 pie ovens…great for a starter small oven

Bakers pride is also well known so if you do have a problem it is easy to get parts or assistance from the company wich happens to be located 10 miles from me:-)

Do they make a similar electric oven? Or is that even worth asking?

Do they make a similar electric oven? Or is that even worth asking?

Your question has been asked many times on this forum. I supply the same basic answer. almost any oven designed to bake pizza can bake a great pizza. The questions to be asked of you are. Will you offer carry out? Will you deliver? How many pizzas do you hope to sell during the busiest hour of your busiest day? If you provide seating how many seats will you have? Answers to those questions will give starting clues as to how you should equip your shop.

George Mills

ditto on what George said, any oven will work, and make a great pizza…
depends on your volume, pizzas per hour, style of pizza will help determine which kind of oven you get,


You’re asking all the right questions, but for the wrong reasons. You’re looking at an oven only as a means of baking pizza, it is a whole lot more than that. The oven will be a part of your store and product concept. If you will be making pizzas with a lot of vegetable toppings, one of the air impingement ovens will go a long ways in driving off the moisture released from the veggies during baking to give you a drier, crispier pizza/crust. If you are looking at upscale pizza, a stone hearth oven is hard to beat, especially when you have one that is gas fired but which will also allow you to “toss a log on the fire” occasionally. If you wil have a vast offering of products a good deck oven is hard to beat. If you want production numbers, the air impingement ovens are the way to go, and by the way, you can get an excellent hearth baked characteristic from an air impinger using the Hearth Bake Disks from Pizza Tools. I see that George Mills has responded to this post too, George is big on the XLT ovens, I just recently returned from working with a new store concept using the XLT double deck oven in conjunction with the Hearth Bake Disks and we were making absolutely fantastic New York style pizzas and both dinner and berakfast calzones, in addition to dessert pizzas, all from a single deck of that oven. The second deck will come into play when the store opens and the additional production capacity is needed.
If you’re looking to make some really great pizzas, concentrate on the dough first, look in the RECIPE BANK for some great dough formulas, then, consider using fresh, green leaf herbs (basil and oregano, rather than the dried forms which everyone else uses, then for sauce, consider looking at using fresh, thin sliced Roma tomato, with a little diced or crushed garlic. For the cheese topping, look at a fresh, whole milk, Mozzarella, about 4-ounces on a 12-inch pizza is about right, then finish with a sprinkling of Parmesan and Romano cheese and you’re ready for the oven. If you are going to be at the NAPICS Show this coming February, stop by the Test Kitchen and you will be able to watch us making this type of pizza. As you can see, a lot goes into making great pizza, and the oven is just a small part of the equation.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor