What kind of paper receipt do you place on your to go orders?

adhesive label?

1 ply paper?

2 ply paper?

thermal paper?

Why, and how does it work for you? We use 2 ply paper.

We use thermal paper and it works fine. Every now and then a receipt will get blacked out from being directly under a heater, but it doesn’t happen often. We had an impact printer with our old system but it was too loud I hated it and replaced it with a thermal. I’ve thought about getting a label printer. I’m just unsure if it would slow the oven puller down having to peel a new label with every single item. I might go that route eventually though.

We use the 2 ply to give the drivers a copy and to keep the blacking out from happening. I would love to go thermal though. Cheaper, quieter, printers last longer. We use thermal on the make tables. We also use labels on the salads and wings. It helps keep them all straight when it gets busy.

I have our system set up to have a delivery ticket print out for the drivers when they are dispatched for it. Only draw back is the drivers don’t have the ticket beforehand to help with gathering any sides they may need unless they dispatch themselves early. I really should get a label printer and experiement a little. We usually just write on the box with a marker.

We use thermal box labels for every item. Someone orders 3 pizzas and an order of wings it prints 4 labels, each one specifies 1 of 4, 2 of 4 ect. When a driver logs out an order a thermal run slip is printed with all the details of each run as well as a total summery of items included in all runs. No 2 ply paper as it’s so slow to print.

we use 1 ply bond on everything…for delivery orders, a thermal receipt is generated once an order is assigned to the driver. Thought about labels but the added expense & extra time for the cut guy turned me off

Dave , who are you using for your pos these days? This is unacceptable in my opinion if this is a pos issue.

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We use Speedline.

Dave , not sure of your setup, but bumps made us more efficient then pushing tons of paper.

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Thermal for us!