What kind of speciality cheese do you use?

and what do you use them for?

Do you blend speciality cheese in with your mozzarella? Or do you make appetizers with certain kinds of cheeses? Have you tried different cheeses but ran into problems? Or maybe it was a success?

Tell us something you experienced going BEYOND low-moisture mozzarella.

We use Kefalotyri ( a Greek Sheep’s milk cheese) on one of our Gourmet pizzas, Mykonos Melt which is a 3 cheese (Mozz, Greek spice marinated Feta and the Kefalotyri) with sun-dried tomato and eggplant on a white garlic sauce base.
The Kefalotyri ads a bite along the lines of a sharp parmesan.
We also use a goats cheese (marinated in grape seed oil with Marjoram, garlic, bay leaf and pepper corns) which is increasing popular. Started off using it on a gourmet Roast Pumpkin and goats cheese pizza (Red sauce base, mozz, English baby spinach, pine nuts, Goats Cheese and cracked black pepper corns. Now people are asking for goats cheese as an additional topping on other pizzas, especially vegetarian varieties.

We use locally made ricotta on several specialty pies as well as on calzones. We also use Feta on specialty pies and some salads. We use shredded parm on specialty pies and ceasar’s salads.

We have used Diaya Dairy Free cheese for customers that wanted it… Kinda took a little getting used to cooking since it didnt melt like normal cheese and a little of it went a long way.

We too use feta on one of our pizza’s. and a Shaved Parmesan to finish off our Prosciutto Arugula pizza

We use swiss on our Chicken Cordon Bleu pizza as well as our Bacon Swiss salad. We use Feta on our Mediterranean pizza as well as on our Greek salad and a cheese bread, we have a wheel of blue cheese we keep in the freezer that we make our blue cheese dressing with. We use shaved parm to top several of our pizzas, we also have used cotija and queso fresco from a local cheese maker on some of our previous monthly specials. We also use lots of cheddar for our cheddar crusts and our Taco pizza. Not technically ‘cheese’ but we use Cheese Wiz on our Philly pizza as well as our Jalapeno Cheese Bread and served on the side with our Pretzel Bites. We actually made a Bacon Cheddar Dog pizza for our pizza of the month a few months back using the Cheese Wiz as a base.

Whoa, could we get a picture of that??

I don’t really consider a whole milk mozz a specialty cheese, but.

we are currently experimenting with a “Chili-Cheese Fry” pizza, and testing out a product from Land-O-Lakes called “X-Tra Melt white cheddar” the stuff melts unbelievably well, and has a spectacular flavor for what it is.

Pesto Cordon B c.jpg


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We also use feta and ricotta but the ricotta is really popular for us.

Our All American Bacon Cheddar Dog or AABCD for those excited by alphabetical acronyms. Cheese Wiz, mozz, grilled onions, bacon, and sliced 100% all beef hotdog. We bake it in a 14" round deep dish pan, layer the crust with jalapenos and than cover the jalapenos with extra sharp cheddar for our crispy jalapeno cheddar crust. Inspired by a trip to Sonic to try their hot dogs and realized we could make a better hot dog on a pizza than they can on a bun. It was great and properly themed for our July monthly special.

How do you use them? On pizza? With what other toppings?

I enjoy using Burrata, it’s a little pricey but the quality and the precieved value of it, I can get my money for it. Also we use as a table cheese a blend of Romano, Asiago and Parmesan all Grande’ and all shaved daily for freshness. And we use a Stilton cheese, Fontina and Greek Feta for some of our special pizzas. People in our small Village have come to expect new and different pizzas from us, it makes us different than the other pizza places around the area and by that we can get top prices for our services and food. :smiley:

Wait, Sussex!
My next visit to civilization I will need to stop by. I am just north of Minocqua Welcome fellow chezhed!

We use them both on pizza and we put feta on our greek salad. Pepperoni and ricotta we have this pic on our menu and actually get a lot of people wondering what the white stuff is and when we tell them its ricotta they get it as a topping on a build your own pie

I miss American pizza! Those pictures look sooo good. We would need hi-res ones to put in the magazine. But maybe in the article we can send readers to this thread or so to get the full visual experience. @Tony Maronni, where do you get burrata?? It has to be made super fresh right?

We don’t have any mozzarella in the building. Only top pizza with unsmoked provolone.
Use lots of asiago, parm and cheddar on different pies in different variations such as baked tater pizza, chili dog pizza, buffalo chicken pizza,
Went thru a block of baby swiss so far this week on the Reuben.
I mix 6 different cheeses together when I make mac and cheese for the mac and cheese pizza.
Cream cheese in the crab rangoon base with prov asiago and parm. .
Feta on the gyro pizza.
Lots of american slices on Gizzmo and the Big Jim. Gotta watch the american as it likes to brown or blacken real fast.
been in the playing stages using a ricotta in addition to prov and parm on a greek type pizza with the feta.
We go thru a lot of asiago.
Fontina will be on the truck next week to start playing with.

I may get destroyed here but I like grande 50/50. Low moisture mozz and provolone. I also add a few shreds of white cheddar to give that NJ boardwalk taste.

So many creative uses! @Daysleeper, what part of the country are you in? I’ve see that provolone and mozzarella mix quite a bit and always associate it with the Mid-West.

Ya’ll, if you have some hi-res photos of your pizzas and can send them with the recipe I will present it to our editor for inclusion with the article. Of course I can’t make any promises but I’m the one writing it and I think it would be great to show what folks in the Think Tank came up with. Email to missy@pmq.com