What kind of speciality cheese do you use?

@Missy PMQ I am from south NJ. Grew up eating boardwalk pizza and I’ve wanted to replicate that taste ever since I was 10. The taste is similar to Mack’s pizza if you’ve ever had it. Every pizza fan needs to have it at least once in their life.

The mix is hard on food cost but worth it for the taste.

One thing to add, we like to use our specialty cheeses on our cheese breads. It’s a cheaper alternative for customers who want to try something with feta or Swiss but don’t want to commit to a whole pizza. For example, we have our Feta Cheese Bread, Bacon Swiss Bread, and our Jalapeno Cheese Bread. Along with salads also using Swiss and Feta, it’s a great way to turn over product in order to keep it fresh.