What Oven for New Pizzeria - Please help

Hi guys,
this place is fantastic. i am in the process of setting up a brand new Pizzeria in india.
I have the following 2 options

  1. middleby Marshal 520 converyer oven
  2. Zanolli deck style oven.

I plan to serve a thin style crust, not ultra thin, but a medium crust. significantly thinner than what is served at Domino’s as their tossed crust. Also as an option i would like to serve a chicago style deep crust pizza. This i may par bake the shells and then assemble & then bake.

I am at this moment at the crossroads of my career as a pizzeria owner and would like to choose wisely, Since the forum is full of highly experienced Pizzeria experts & oven owners.
could someone or most of you send me some recommendations on what to choose.
I like the ease of operation on the conveyer style oven, but can they bake the thin crust that i desire convincingly? i have used the deck style oven and am aware of the constant oven “attention” required during the Bake. please help guys.


Are you looking at new ovens, or are these used ovens?
If you opt to go with the air impingement oven, are you planning to buy one or two ovens?
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Hello Tom,
Thank you for replying, The options listed are for brand new Pizza Ovens.
I intend to buy only a single oven initially, (the deck comes with 2 decks) and then add when the business establishes further.
My main concern stems from my requirement of the oven producing a great crust with the intended Medium Thin & ultra thin & a chicago style deep crust.
I know the deck will do it, Just was exploring my options as to whether a Impinger type conveyer oven will be able to accommodate my requirements. the impinger oven makes my Pizza’s idiot proof, however was wondering if the pie quality would suffer.
Please give me your opinion in the matter.

Thanks so much.

I’ve had good experience with all of the NEW GENERATION of high efficiency air impingement ovens baking everything from thin to deep-dish pizzas side by side on the same conveyor at the same oven temperature, and al of the pizzas came out great. In fact, we have demonstrated this unique ability of these new ovens at many of the pizza shows over the past few years. However, with the Middleby-Marshall ovens, this only includes the Middleby -Marshall WOW oven. Other ovens in this elite group are the new XLT’s, Avantec, Edge, and Lincoln Fastbake. In conducting my bake test evaluations on these ovens I used the Hearth Bake Disks (cloud pattern) and dark colored deep-dish pans from <lloydpans.com> . If you opt for the air impingement oven make sure it is properly set up and configured to bake YOUR pizzas, and for added flexability, I would suggest ordering the oven with a split conveyor to provide you with two different baking time options in case they’re needed.
I’d probably go with a wide body oven with a 50/50 split.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I am not trying to hijack this thread from the starter, but have a question for all of you from what he posted. As he is talking about one option being a single 520 conveyor, do any of you guys run a single conveyor oven and what do you do about reliability since you dont really have a backup?


Yours is a very good question. With a single conveyor there is always the possibility that you will lose your oven to some form of mechanical failure. For that reason, I think it is vitally important to know where your nearest parts/repair facility is located. It is also a wise decision to opt for a spare parts package when purchasing the oven, as a “just in case”, and even then, you don’t know if the problem can be addressed with the parts in your package, so it’s back to the repair man and the parts depot, sure hope he is close by.
It is true, if parts and service for your oven are going to be scarce, you might be wise oting for the oven with the fewest number of moving parts, hence a deck oven, but then there is the issue of tending a deck oven and capacity. As you can see, there are a number of things to be considered when selecting an oven.
Those are just my own personal observations, and I ain’t even an oven guy.
Tom Lehmann/TheDough Doctor

Thank you tom, will post here on my experiences with whatever i choose.
thanks again.
ravi koth

As someone who has had brand new conveyor ovens from four different manufacturers over the years, I would strongly recommend that no one try to open for business with just a single conveyor oven. I’ve had brand new E-Flows, Lincolns, XLT’s and Edge ovens and had some issue with every one of them that would have left me closed for the day if not for having a backup. Telling a customer that we are closed due to equipment failure is not an option in my mind.

Hi ravikoth

I would say buy a double deck conveyor.

George Mills

Thanks to all for your suggestions, will post here on my final setup & experience buying an oven.