What oven should buy?

I"m looking for the best conveyor oven money can buy. I"m looking at the WOW conveyor from MM what do you guy"s think about that oven. The reason I"m looking is because I"ve out grown the 3 blodget 1820 conveyor and the double deck blodget counter model. I need a unit that can produce at least 125 16" pizza an hour. Thanks for your help.

Hi Tony:

When you say you wish to bake 125 pizzas per hour you are probably looking at a double stack version of a oven, is that so?

At what temperature and time do you intend to bake your 16 in pizzas?

George Mills

Yes it would have to be a double stack oven and I bake my pizza right now at 9 minutes at 475

Hi Tony:

You should, in my opinion be looking at a double set of ovens with 32 in wide belts and a 55 in bake chambers.

Tom the Dough Doctor, if I recall correctly, has indicated that the Lincoln, XLT and Middleby ovens are all capable of producing superb pizzas of any style. These companies all make ovens in that size.

You should investigate and compare initial cost, warranty, operating costs, and regular maintenance chores then make your decision.

George Mills

I’m no oven expert - I know nothing of the ovens you have but 9 minutes for a conveyor seems a long time? Before you start buying a new one play have you looked at reducing your bake time and increasing temp?

My MM and XLT are at 6 minutes and 5.5mins respectively (both at a higher temp). To go from 9 to 6 minutes would increase your capacity by 30% straight off!

9 minutes at 475? How is that possible?

My pizzas would come out burnt to a crisp.

My MM360 is set to 6 minutes at 485.

Hey Toni,

One thing is for sure, all the manufacturers and their distributors will tell you their ovens are the best. the bottom-line is to cook in as many ovens as possible and compare to what other think-tankers are saying and then choose what works best for you. sorry for stating the obvious. :wink:

Y-yo makes a good point but It often is not feasable for an opperator to test his product in all the available ovens.

I suggest that an operator take the advise of an outstanding expert in this field “Tom The Dough Doctor”.

as noted earlier he has stated that the Lincoln, Middleby and XLT ovens can produce excelent pizzas of virtually any style. That is an opinion that I agree with. And in fact I have found that almost all ovens properly used can produce excelent Pizzas. The question of which oven to buy therefore can be answered by determining the following.

Production capacity at a given Pizza size, bake time and temperature + warranty + cost of operation. Very important, cleanability and scheduled maintainance. If an oven is not easy to clean it will not be cleaned often enough and baking in an unclean oven can ruin the taste of the pizzas. Required Maintaniance, most buyers dont find out untill the get an oven that there is a lot of maintainance required, some ovens require virtualy no maintainance.

Last but not least, the cost of the units is a major factor. The most expensive is most of the time not the best.

George Mills

The AIB pizza school was great. We cooked a variety of pies in decks, impingement conveyors, and even a granite conveyor. Great way to decide what you like. The PT show should also have a bunch of demos yet I have not been yet.

Call each of the manufacturers to get information on their large (70-inch body cavity) ovens.
Here are some to consider; XLT, PESI, Avantec. You will want to have a wide conveyor, and possibly a split conveyor too as an option. These ovens are all pretty reasonably priced. I’ve not had an opportunity to evaluate any of the other large ovens.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Avoid pesi, every time I have dealt with them, the service has been sub par.

Also, your bake times will not work. The only thing I can imagine is that you baked a few pizzas at home in your oven and needed 9 minutes at 475. Have you ever baked a pizza in an impinger oven?