What percentage of your market is a good test batch?

When testing marketing pieces, what is a good rule of thumb as a percentage of your list? Is 20% too high? Is 5% too low? Anyone have some rules laid out that seem to work well for you? Give you measurable results that you can then apply to your entire market.


As you might already know, I’m a franchisee. When it comes to trying new advertising ideas or product ideas my store and delivery area is pretty much a test market for the entire company. When I have an advertising idea I implement it throughout my entire market to give me a fair assessment of how well it works, targeting all demographics. I also keep this advertising idea active for at least 3 months so I can more accurately guage the return the idea can ultimately produce. If it works, I share my findings with the president of the company (he’s got 7 corporate stores) so that he can implement these ideas in his stores.

With that being said, I have in the past targeted certain neighborhoods for, let’s say (example) Highland Ridge Subdivision Customer Appreciation Night, or Woodbury Farms Subdivision Pizza Fest. Other than that… no, I’ve never only targeted a known percentage of the community. I always jump in with both feet if I’m on board with a marketing idea and give it a full 3 months to produce results.

Hope this helps. -J_r0kk

so J_rokk whats been your best marketing idea?

Hands down: $3.99 Large Pepperoni (Carryout Only).

I did this back in 1993 with Domino’s and brought a store averaging just under $10k/week to a record of over $20k/week. First week we did something like $9,800. Second week we did $20,361 (I can’t believe I still remember that number).

The best part about this promotion was the new customers we brought into the store. Our sales average actually went from that $10k/week number to an average of $15k/week immediately following the $3.99 promo… and stayed there.


J Rokk -

was the 3.99 only one day a week for 3 months?? was it everyday?


$3.99 for one week only… everyday. Week Ending 6/6/93.

The main source for success was the $80 banner that we went out and bannershook with. Also, the entire store (free standing building) looked like a circus was in town because the whole thing was strung with streamers. You couldn’t miss our place from a mile away. We also did about $300/day in hot targets (pre-make pizzas, go out and sell them).

Of course, over the years, I’ve had countless marketing campaigns that were extremely successful. However, this one sticks to mind… probably because it was my first real experience with setting a goal, formulating a plan, and executing.

The increase in avg. sales following this week was due to the increased number of customers that were created.


what make and model ovens did you use???

MM 360Q WB… and packed them most every day.

so was the 20k week the week after the 3.99?

No, it was the week of the $3.99. I can’t remember specifics, but I think the week immediately following we did around $18k, followed by $16k, then settling into the $15k avg.

It’s cool once you look back on it: $3.99 pizzas to increase sales almost $11k.

$11,000 / $3.99 = 2,756 pizzas / 7 days = 393 extra pizzas/day