What POS for a startup?

I realize that this question has been asked many times and many ways before but I have yet to find the answer so I ask again ; )

We are a new pizza and salad shop that will be about 90% delivery. I have looked at Firefly, Speedline and Prism so far. Forgetting price, they all seem to do the same thing with similar features so not sure how I can best make my decision. They all have marketing features, reporting, inventory, scheduling etc…

Our goal is multiple stores, with the newer ones having seating (no table service).

Any recommendations out there?


It’s another of the great unanswerable questions I think. EVERYone will have their needs and their preferences. We selected “Point of Success” because offered us a very professional and “full” software with the option of picking up our own hardware at literally pennies on the dollar in most cases. My caveat is, we’ve been open only for this past week, but the reports it allows us to view and watch are amazing. It’s easy to set up, very easy to navigate and seems to be ready to grow with us as we start our franchising project next week. (HA…just kidding, I’m exhausted the way it is!! ) :lol:

Used to do it by hand for 5 years then my partners put in point of success and I didn’t use it. I just cooked.
I recently bought a new store on my own which has an old version of selby soft which I am looking at upgrading. After using the selby soft and using several demos of other pos system I went and used the point of success for a day.I prefer the selby soft system. I also used revention a couple times which is probably better then selby but selby is half the price