What POS systems are the most popular?

Hello All,

I want to be careful not to make this an ad, as I believe that’s not allowed here. We’ve recently released a new site that allows restaurants to accept online orders for less than the big names out there.

Now we’re thinking about implementing POS integration. Currently order notification is via the typical real-time online dashboard, fax, text or email. I figure having the order appear on your POS would be helpful as well. So I was wondering what POS systems were the most popular in the pizza industry. The integration process can be challenging so I’d like to make sure it’s time/money well spent on the more popular POS systems to start.

POS systems I’m considering so far are: Clover, Micros 3700, Aloha, Speedline, Breakaway and Andromeda

Please feel free to comment on that list or add any I’m missing.

Thank you and good luck with business.

From our personal experience Micros and Aloha, seem to be the bigger ones. Radiant also seems to be popular.