What right does the goverment have to tell Mcdonalds to sell

Fruits and Veggies are good for you- I think we all can agree on this one. My beef is when the government steps in and demands places to sell certain foods.

Can’t you see that this is a slippery slop to control and take away freedom.

BTW- I don’t need to know how bad a double baconater is from wendys- I choose to purchase it.

Whats next???

Wait till you have to sell your home in 10 years and you have not upgraded to all this"green" technology.


They shouldn’t have any right, in my opinion.

But where is this coming from? I haven’t heard of any legislation being introduced that would require McDonald’s (or any other restaurant) to sell specific items.

I heard on the news that the city of San Fransisco has banned the sale of Happy Meals cause it leads to obesity in children. SO it is beginning.

Here is a bit of a news report from April

Elected officials in Santa Clara County, the area to the south of San Francisco that covers most of Silicon Valley, have introduced a law banning restaurants from offering toys with any children’s meals that fail to meet national health criteria.

In other words, the Happy Meal is for the chop. It is believed to be the first such law anywhere in the world.

In tune with the liberal, progressive and future-focused nature of its technologically proficient residents, Silicon Valley is already at the forefront of the food revolution in the US. Two years ago it became one of the first areas to force food chains to display the calorie count of each meal on menus and noticeboards, a move that was emulated in other areas, including New York city.

I read this as a ban on the sale of a toy with the meal rather than a ban on the food. If you sell a toy with a salad you are OK. More regulatory intervention is all we need :x

I agree that’s also a little silly, but it’s a far cry from the original poster’s assertion that the government is now requiring McDonald’s to sell certain types of food. If it’s true, I’d be interested to see some kind of citation to the legislation.

I consider myself pretty Libertarian, but just throwing something out there like that can be alarmist.

Here is a quote from a local newspaper about the issue:

“A proposed city ordinance would ban McDonald’s from putting toys in Happy Meals unless it adds fruit and vegetable portions and limits calories. The proposal would apply to all restaurants, but the focus has been on McDonald’s and its iconic Happy Meals.”

Sorry kids… no toy today but we did put an extra 6000mg of salt on your frys!

If we as a nation do not stop the government intervention that is taking place we are all going to be even more sorry than we already are. Government has its place and should serve its purpose. The direction of BIG…VERY BIG government does not work. This has been proven in other nations that are falling apart faster than our own. I get a laugh out of the riots in Greece and other European countries where they want to up the age of retirement from 52 or 55 all the way up too 58 or so. Lets also weigh in the 32 hour work weeks and the paid 6-12 weeks of vacation that some receive. These are all perks that need slightly adjusted in this day and age…as do the benefit packages in the US that are nothing more than ponzi scams that cannot be supported any longer. The world is not expanding at the industrial rate that it once did and if we do not get our heads out of our a$$'s then nobody will be able to afford a happy meal anyway. Ok…I have ranted!

Next week I will tell you all about how not too let your wife hand your 3 year old your eyeglass case while driving down the interstate with the windows open… anyone have any ideas how this story ends? Hint: NO HAPPY MEAL! :!:

I doubt the story ends with no Happy Meals. I bet it ends with every child getting a toy with any order. Better yet, every Happy Meal comes with a bumper sticker that says “gubbermint sucks” and every bumper sticker comes with a toy. :slight_smile:

Well said.

This is how it starts.


Here’s the alarm


This is a growing trend, NY passed a law to ban trans fat in restaraunt food over 4 years ago. This is just like the smoking bans, first schools and hospitals, then offices, then stores, then Restaraunts, then bars, now outdoors in public places. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want anybody smoking in my shop, but if I owned the building, and wanted to allow it, big brother should step aside and let me take the consequenses for that decision.
When they get done regulating fat, sugar, sodium, cholestoral and calories in our industry, they will next target the grocery stores. Unless they are stopped by rational people, the do gooders will slowly progress the way they did on smoking until you have to hid under your bed to eat a twinkie that was smuggled across the border from Mexico along with some killer weed which for some reason we need to deregulate while we increase regulation on everything else. They will even have a new tool to use, when single payer healthcare goes into effect the power hungry egomaniacs will have an excuse to regulate every aspect of life because it affects healthcare costs.
It is all for your own good, you will be healthier and happier and your costumers will love you for it and your business will grow faster if you offer people more healthy choices. You need to embrace the change!

I hate being right…

http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20101103/hl … ymcdonalds


But they’re still not demanding that McDonald’s sell anything in particular. The statute just says they must provide something healthy if they provide a toy.

Don’t get me wrong - I think it is totally ridiculous! But your original post was:

My beef is when the government steps in and demands places to sell certain foods.

That is a much different thing!

If they are really concerned about the kids health they would ban the play place. I am sure everyone here that has had to retreive their kids from the ball pit can tell you horror stories of what they have found at the bottom. Much more of a health hazard than anything in a Happy Meal. :mrgreen:

Piper - I was dead on with my original post.