what s better screens or pans?

I use a xlt conveyor oven , Have always used screen but am thinking pans might work better. Any suggestions?

I use pans but that is the normal way to do pizza in my city.

Every pan/disk or screen is designed to flow a specific amount of air through it, if you change from one to another you might also change the bake of the pizza unless you also make changes at the oven. The one exception to this is a disk (made by a major manufacturer) that is designed specifically to flow the same amount of air as a traditional pizza screen. The advantage of the disk is then one of convenience (doesn’t need to be seasoned), and it is easily cleaned by simply wiping down with a clean towel (non-stick finish) and durability is a big plus too as they are well known to outlast traditional screens. You made specific mention to pans. Pans bake fine, but they do not bake the same as screens so it’s generally not an “either or” situation, do you have a specific pan in mind?
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor