What shoes do you work in??

Im wondering what everyone wears on their feet that gets them through the day??MY LEGS AND FEET ARE KILLING ME!!

I buy very high end Asics running shoes. My store is open 18 hours a day and I find these are the only shoes I’ve found that allow me to deal with the days that I have to work most of these hours(fortunatly not too often).

I switch off between my super Birki’s and some athletic model of anti-slip shoes. I use Safe-T-Step right now, but am looking into Shoes for Crews to see if they hold up longer and give some m ore support to my feet.

runners to run in. :lol:

Hello Pakula,just wondering if you have rubber mats on your floor where you work at?If not this will help you and your employees very much in essence to your back and feet for those long hard days.I would highly request those for any shop that doesn’t already use them.And to your answer to the shoes I where Doc Martins slip ons.


i remeber our first two weeks we thought we were going to die :? i were basic running shoes my wife weres some of those high dollar yuppie slip ons that are smooth leather that wipe off easy.

Either Nike or Reebok walkers or cross trainers - black.
I find the soles are good gripping on tiled floor and the support in the arches etc help stop aching legs.


Crocs :slight_smile: