What should a 14" E Flute Box cost?

Asked for a price from my distributor on 14" E Flute white boxes. The type that are sort of coated to keep grease from soaking through. What should I expect to pay? Thanks for any input.

around $13-$14

Is that per 50 or per 100?


on your coatails on this one,

Where can I get plain white E fluted boxes ? I think they are called Kraft boxes.

My distributor, Roma in AZ, does not have them.

I want to stamp my logo and phone # on them, keep it simple.


I am ordering from Roma in St. Louis, they have an E Flute with white outside and kraft inside, got quoted $34 per hundred.

Kraft (or craft) is the brown. You can get craft on craft, white on craft, or white on white, usually. the craft on craft is cheapest.