what should I pay a manager?

I was looking to open a second shop and was wondering what is a good salary to pay a full time manager (5-6 days 50-60 hours) a week? He cooks, does all ordering, etc.

the store is dine in and delco, does about 11K per week

any suggestions

If he tosses, at least 16 an hour. If you’re a pan shop, 13 an hour and bonus him as opposed to overtime based on sales. Be sure to exempt him with salary.

Whatever you decide, I personally recommend that you set goals that must be achieved to ramp up to the final salary. Maybe a 4 to 6 month incline. If you give away the farm and find out the person isn’t so managerial as you thought, it gets hard to back up into assistant manager type stuff. If you work in a structured fashion into the position, then you get some options and flexibility.

However, if you get some hot shot manager who is a sure thing, then still don’t give the whole enchilada until you have some confirmation of expertise and performance . . . jsut a quicker time frame.

I pay my manager a salary with a bonus system in place. The salary is $500/week. Bonus can be as much as 20% of the profits, based on certain criteria:

…Bonus Structure…

Sales over budget…20%
Labor Cost…20%
Food Cost within .5%…20%

Total Bonus Potential…100%

If, for example, my store makes $5,000 in one month. The potential bonus would be $1000 (20%). If my manager only manages to hit cleanliness, product, and service, he/she will receive 40% of the maximum, or $400.

Hope this helps. -J_r0kk

Sales, Labor and Food costs are all black and white catagories. How do you determine if service, product and cleanliness goals are being met ? Do you do store inspections ? Or are you there enough to gadge whether or not these three are where they should be ?
I only ask because unlike the first three, the second three can be based on opinion rather than fact unless you have guidelines set up for each one.

I have daily check list of things that should happen on a board. These are over and above your obvious daily duties say, clean windows, rubber seals inside walkin fridge where dust settle like the doors or ledges. The instore then initials what they have done so you know the same person isnt doing everything and the manager would double sign it so you now have two people checking off.

When you visit every week, fortnight or month preferably randomly. Them you know what has been done or not. If you allow for x taskx not been performed over a month say then no bonus. This allows for a busy night, short staffed and simple human error like forgetfulness and also if you have a bonus structure in place then you know someone is going to be staying late and doing the cleaning themselves becasue they could ‘manage’ staff well enough.

This works well as people have ‘things’ to do in quite periods and you dont feel like you have to have a go at staff because they keep congregating for a chit chat. They will know to either do the jobs now or when the stores closed.

My staff would happily wait till the end of the night to do these so they can milk the clock for another half hour.