What size is your Cheese Shred?

A while back I posted up this question and a couple of you responded with using a 3/32" cut size… with toppings under the cheese, and measuring by weight.

I on the other hand, always put toppings on top of the cheese… and will be using a measuring cup to regulate the cheese flow.

So, here are the size plates that I can order: 1/2", 1/4", 3/32", 5/16", 3/16"

Would I be better off going with a larger cut like 1/4", or maybe 1/2" for my situation? (although 1/2" sounds like a pretty big cut)

Thanks all for the help!

The cheddar that I get from GFS is a 3/16. I think they also do their mozza in that size.

Just remember that the smaller the size the better coverage you will get and the quicker it will melt.

my main concern is keeping the measurements around the same amount when simply using a measuring cup to distribute the cheese.

You will never do it with shred. If you insist on measuring cups then diced is the only way to go.

but how do you chop it… ?

From what I have heard and seen in my short time at this game you would need a VCM unit to chop/dice your cheese. Something like this http://www.restaurantequipmentplus.com/ … HBT123.htm