What size is your large pizza?

What size is your large pizza?


I do not have the names associated with the pizza sizes. I use the inches and tell the customer how many slices are in each size pizza and how many people they will feed.

Our Large is 13" (8 slices) with Family size 15" (10 slices) and small 10" (6 slices)


Is the family size enough to feed a family?

We must be pigs in the states.


10 slices is hard to cut evenly, i guess with practice it works out ok.

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How the f#%&! do you slice something in 10 slices?!!

small x in the middle of pie then a cut throught the x and 2 cuts through the rest


I don’t have a large. When we took over our shop, they had:
small: 10"
medium" 12"
large: 16"

Everywhere else in town had a 14" large and a 16" XL. So every time someone called about the cost of a large pizza or wanted to know what the special was, it was really comparing apples and oranges. I finally got sick of it and changed the name of our “large” to an “XL” so they would be comparing apples to apples (or XLs to XLs, as the case may be) it made a huge difference, especially since our XL is much cheaper. Now we’re getting a lot more orders from “deal shoppers” and off of coupon orders.

Easy after you learn how :smiley:

Here’s a quick diagram.


PT I love that diagram… not sure why but getting a good laugh over it all. :lol:

http://www.nminc.com/scan/fi=products.t … tlist.html

A guy I worked with when I was in college had worked a pizzeria that had a contract with the county jail. One day a week, everybody in the jail got two slices for dinner. His place got the contract because the previous vendor hadn’t cut slices evenly, and there were fights over it. They had a cutting jig made up to cut them.

I actually named a uneven cut after a employee’s name because he cut this pizza all uneven. I’m talking thin slice,large slice,thinner slices etc…


You gotta spend your life spinning the wrong way around the sun!!

Hey if anybody is going to get shank’d in the big house it better be over a PH, DOM, LC, or PJ pie and not be over the equality of the size of the slices. :stuck_out_tongue:

My large pizza is 18" x 26" rectangle. :slight_smile:

I guess practice will accomplish most goals. Getting an even cut for 6 slices takes practice too.

So I will ask a different question… why 10 slices? Even the diagram in this thread is uneven and 12 slices is pretty easy to get right and provides an even number of slices for most numbers of people that would be sharing a pie (2,3,4) where 10 divides evenly only for 2 people (rare for us that five people would only get one pie).

My wife and Ishare a family size (10 cut), said one of my customers. One for her and nine for me :smiley: