What size shredder do you use for your cheese?

What size shredder do you use for your cheese?
In my book they have: 3/32", 5/16", 1/2", 3/16", 1/4".

I wanted to find what Dominos uses to dice their cheese instead of using a shred… but because I can’t, would the smallest shred size be the best? I plan on using a measureing cup to regulate the cheese usage per pizza.

Thanks all!

I use the 3/32 for my cheese. I put all of the toppings under the cheese so the finer shred allows for better coverage.

daddio what type of shredder do you use???



I have the hub attachment for my mixer. It came with 3 disks but i have only used 2 of them one time while I was in the experimental stage.

I also use the 3/32 disk on my hub. The best way to go with your portioning is by weight but if you do measure try to make sure the person doing the cheese shredding presses hard enough otherwise you can get very fine cheese and you will use more in a measuring cup the finer it is.

thats what i’m worried about with the shred…