What Size Slicer?

My church’s cafe needs a slicer. I found some used ones on Craigslist, but they decided they want a new one. I’m not totally sure they understand what a good slicer costs.

Anyway, I’m wondering…what’s a good size slicer for a small pizza operation? I see they go up to 12". Do you need a blade that big? We’ll be using it to slice toppings and so on, and also for stuff unrelated to pizza.

If there are brands to avoid, I’d like to know.

I just read in your other thread that you’ll be slicing cheese with this? Make sure you get a gear driven, not belt driven, slicer. They’re more expensive, but a belt-drive will never last slicing cheese.

Cheese is the reason I got the idea of getting a slicer, but I’m not completely sure we’ll need it for that. We’re trying some new cheeses that come shredded. If they work out, I’ll be able to avoid slicing cheese.

But you never know what you’ll have to slice.

Hands down globe are the best slicers. Restauant depot sells em for 1600 ish.

There’s really no reason to buy a new slicer, our Hobart is forty years old and works like a new one. Commercial slicers are very long lasting.

I have used Berkel and Globe slicers and in my experience the Berkel is better designed, wastes less product, and lasts longer. I would recommend a 12" since you said that you never know what you will be slicing.