What Software or Website has helped you?

Or made your life easier so far this year?

My brother introduced me to this website earlier this year. My POS system doesn’t have the ability to log into it remotely built in… but with LogMeIn, I can be ANYWHERE I have a net connection and log into my computer at work as if I was sitting there. It is so much easier to do payroll, change prices, etc, and I get to do it at home, rather then at work… which almost makes it not like work. Best of all, it is FREE to use. They do have a Pro version, but the free version has all the power I need.

Any one else have a piece of software, or web app that they would like to share? I’m looking for business related stuff.



I’ve used Macro Magic from Iolo for a long time. I love that little program. You can make any type of macro that you want and it will run in any program, either using keystrokes, mouse movements or both.

I use it to clean up my database by automating reverse directory searches. I made a macro to automatically copy the phone number, flip to the reverse directory search, enter it, copy the address and go back to the database to plug it all in. I have another that automatically does address correction.

We also use it for several macros on the POS system. Selling a Lunch Buffet on our POS takes about 7 button presses. We wrote a macro to do them all automatically (in less than a second). So when we sell a buffet now, we just press F2 and it hits all the buttons taking you right to the settlement screen.


For those that want a hot link to the product, this is what I found.

Thanks for sharing! Who else has something?[/url]