What sold you on Toast POS?

Hi all,

For those of you that use Toast POS, what 2-3 functionalities or features were responsible for tipping the decision scale to either switching POS software or using Toast initially? We are really considering a switch at this point given that we have outgrown our current system. Thanks!

Hi Little MP,

I have heard good things about Toast but you have to be careful with payments processing.
Once they have you fully integrated on the Restaurant Management, you payments rates will go up. Payments integration can be a good thing but it has its drawbacks.

Ask Toast for at least a three year rate lock contract on processor ( Toast) fees and Network and Interchange fees past to you at cost.

Thanks for the reply Tom! That is one of the things that has prevented me from switching over as we have such a favorable rate with our current processor but that’s great advice to ask for a lock on the rate.

LMP- What POS system/ Payment processor combination are you using now?

Payment Depot CC Processor & Point of Success

Seems like a good combo. What was Toast going to give you above what you already have?

I currently use Payment Depot and would like to start using Point of Success. How difficult is it to get Point of Success to integrate with Payment Depot? I don’t see them listed under the supported payment processors.

A year later and here I am to respond, my apologies on the uber delayed response!

It was not difficult at all when we integrated several years ago but I can’t speak to that process now. I have heard from others who use Point of Success that things have changed for the worse as of late with the powers at be at POS with regard to credit card processing so it could be much more difficult now.

Did you ever end up making the jump to Point of Success?