What spinich for pizza topping and salad?

Hey all,

I’m looking to add Spinich as a pizza topping, in a couple of pastas, and as a salad… but my sales rep has 6 diffrent “types” of spinich and i’m not sure what to get.

Baby Spinich $3.29 #
Chopped 1/4" squares $.98 # (i dont think the chopped will work)
Chopped Grade A $1.11 #
Leaf $.98
Bulk $1.14 #
Leaf Flats $2.41 #

In my entire life I have never bought fresh spinich, so i have no idea what any of these are.

Thanks all for the help!

We use baby spinach for both pizzas and salads. We have tried to get full-leaf from local farmers, but depending on the type of spinach, it can have very large, very “curly” leaves. We found that even washing the spinach 2 or 3 times was not always sufficient to get the dirt our of the “curls” and creases. We even had someone bite down on a small rock and chip their tooth! :shock:

The pre-washed, baby spinach is nice and tender and holds up well on a pizza, as long as it is the first thing you put on after the sauce. (Or fresh on top after cooking.)

tried them all and baby leaf was by far the best fit for us

Costco carries big bags of fresh spinach – good value.

We use washed baby as well. We cut it into squares of about 1" and then put it into plastic takeaway food containers and keep in the freezer. Just break off what is needed for the pizza and place next after sauce and cheese. Works well for us.

We don’t do salads but I would go with fresh washed baby spinach if we did.


We use baby leaf. It goes on fresh after the sauce and before the cheese.

Ok, Baby it is…

How long of “shelf life” does it have before it turns wilted and crappy like a head of lettuce when sitting in the cooler?

That all depends on how you store it. In the bags, unopened it can last several days with no problems at all. Once you open it, of course you drop the shelf life pretty dramatically. If you want to keep spinach on the line nice and fresh, there are food grade “paper towels” that will soak up the excess moisture, and keep the spinach fresher longer.

As I saw in a previous thread about basil, those “As Seen on TV” produce bags could also help, but I haven’t ever used them.

we use the washed baby too…we put it on first on the cheese though…it does fine. not a fan of putting topping under cheese…just me though…and what we’re use to. we also use it in our salads and it last quite a while, much longer than romaine and iceberg that we prep ourselves.