What technology/app would make your life "easier" as a pizza operator?


I am reaching out to the community here to learn which technology (think app or website…) would make your life “easier” as a pizza operator?

Hope that makes sense, thanks!

IQ test before a customer orders ? :rolleyes:

The Time Out that Zack always used in Saved by the Bell where everyone froze but him. I would like that.

We have a problem with delayed orders being forgotten. I am going to get an Amazon Echo to set reminders . ie “Alexa remind me at 6:30 to make order 369”

Doesn’t your POS allow for delayed orders? With ours we can set how long before the order is due that we print out / activate each individual delayed order.
What we have done in the past is taped up a ticket for the order in the kitchen so they are staring at it all night and know what time it is for and when it needs made (we still do this a little bit now also). Now that our POS manages it properly we can’t forget, unless we set the wrong time order are just too busy to get to making it :smiley:

I use my phone alarm to remind me of a pending order. I set it for 15 minutes before the order is to be ready.

An app to place orders with our suppliers would be nice. Inventory would be even better.

If we delivered, an map app that showed where each driver was at would be kinda cool.

Drone delivery is what I’m really ready for though!

Both of my suppliers have apps that I order off of my smart phone, Food Services of America, and Nicholas & Co. FSA app works a lot better than the other one but it is brand new and I’m sure they have not gotten all the bugs worked out of it yet.

An app similar to that of an Uber drivers app that would automatically give turn by turn directions to a drivers phone when they dispatch deliveries.

There’s an app out there already that you can do inventory on and place orders with your suppliers. It’s cherrypicksprices,com. The founder is a buddy of mine. A while back he was visiting and was working on voice recognition so you could walk through your store and speak your inventory levels. It would place your order for you based on the par levels you set up. I haven’t tried it so I can’t speak to how well it works but it’s worth a look.

Just an app using GPS so I can see where the delivery cars are and how close they are to being back to the store. Im sure something like that might exists, but I haven’t really tried to look for it. I thought about using Waze but I’m not sure that would work very well.

Here you go https://roadwarriorllc.com

Foodtec Delivery IQ app has been HUGE for me…besides this feature that I can basically hire anyone off the street as a driver with this basic feature it allows me to track the driver and handles the credit card end of the gratuity automatically so I do not have to finalize any orders at the end of the shift

Edge conveyor ovens if you are not using them now.
Cost less to buy. Burns less gas. Quieter. Puts Less Heat into the Kitchen.
George Mills

How would you compare the energy usage of an edge60 oven vs a MM360? Also, how would the bake capacities compare for the 2? Both double stacks.


Hey Pizzanow, you could require drivers to have the messaging app VOXER, you can talk or text, its free, but it also show their location.

An app that is linked to drivers phones that gives them a low level electric shock in the butt every time they do something dumb.
You can’t fix stupid but you could have heaps of fun watching them continually gyrate around the store :slight_smile:

We use it as well, its awesome…except for my one driver who still uses a clam shell phone and i have to stop everything to check him out. sucks, but he is reliable. There does seem to be a delay in the tracking of the driver but still better then nothing.

I use wheniwork.com to make the schedule. Its 30 bucks a month and all my employees download the app. The best part is the employee can set days off they need, and their availability so when the schedule is done, I dont get the dreaded, “I cant work that day”. If you miss your chance to put it in, then its your fault i tell them. It also keeps track of the hours for the week and shows how many hours each employee is working. Really love it and been using it for over a year. You can also set their roles. Cooks, cashiers, drivers and set everyone pay rate.

Cell phone batteries wouldn’t last.