What time of the year is best for the pizza biz

Hi Guys,

Just checkin in with you all to see what time of the year is typically the best for pizza sales. Ive found that hotter weather than normal has meant slower days and far less sales. My Labor day weekend was a little slow, but the Tues and Wed after were HORRIBLE!..Anyways, Im hoping for good Fall and Winter sales, but wanted to see what you all think is the best season for sales…


Hi rookie,

I see 4 different locations for pizza business:

  1. Hometown Pizza
  2. Collegiate/Catering Pizza
  3. Resort Pizza
  4. Business Pizza

Each location experiences different highs & lows for sales. Each experiences different price & overhead pressures. Having said that, it follows that college & hometown pizza sales trend up in the fall-winter when school is in session (sports activities, etc…). Resort sales follow a similar trend, usually when school is out. If you’re in a location with year-round business activity, ie. hospitals, office parks, downtown, etc… then you’d be the 4th location.

Thanks 2007…Im DEFINITELY a hometown pizza joint…

We are a delco operation and the cooler weather, sporting events or anything that keeps them in is always better for biz.

I am hometown pizza and my best months are May and October. I think I get a boost from football in October and little league in May. My sales dont vary much throughout the year so in those busiest months my sales are only up about 15% to 20%.