what to do???

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lollolol all I can do is laugh , I went to use the oven (bottom) I just put a safety pilot valve on and the damn thing shut off. Itll start and itll flame up but after 5 min it shuts back off , what do you think it is?? The oven is a Blodgett deck oven.

Sounds like you have to change your thermocouple. It’s the copper wire that goes to your pilot. easy to change. you can go to local hardware store. They will help you out. Ask for industrial strength.

I’ve never heard of getting a thermocoupler at the hardware store…but what I would try is assuring the thermocoupler probe is directly in the pilot light to sufficiently heat the probe. If that’s not it, a new thermocoupler lead is in your horizon.

That little nub needs to glow cherry red in the pilot light. If it is, and it shuts off, then the other people may be onto something. It will be the cheapest option of the possibilities, and you could change it out yourself.

that came w/ safety pilot there connected together and it glows stays lit and it lights burners, they stay lit for 5 min then all of a sudden the darn thing shuts off

My front sidewalk is about 425*, you’re free to use that if you want.

I still say the probe is not in a good enough spot. Either that, or I remember having to go through the d**n process multiple times until the entire heat chamber was warm enough to sustain the probe at a high enough temp. I DO remember this exact frustration. That was a big reason we left them burning all of the time. We now have conveyors with electronic ignition, but that’s for another day.

Not to familiar with blodgett deck oven, I use conveyors… But a few years ago I had a problem when the oven would run for 30 minutes or so and then shut down…My problem was linked to the cooling fans on the back side of the oven. They were clogged, cleaned them and everything was fine…

I had a problem like this a couple years back. What model do you have? Seems there was a overheating/temperature sensor override sort of thing that shut the thing down if it thought there was an overheat in the system.

I’m pretty sure it’s not a cooling fan.
Thermocouple is a good bet - on the other hand, maybe this is a good opportunity to identify a repair company in your area that you can call in a pinch. Someone who can, for a reasonable fee, get your oven to stay lit or your mixer to mix again, etc. You’ll need them again someday, and this should be a pretty inexpensive test…

Nick I think your right the oven worked great for 2 weeks after install and all of a sudden when i turn it up it shuts off. The pilot stays lit only when I turn up does the whole thing shut off. Im thinking its the thermostat. Blodgett 1000.