What to do?

The old staffing problem has just got more interesting. I would like to know how to handle a situation that is a re-occuring one.

Here is the story (or should I say nightmare). I received a resume from a 23 year old girl that states Hard working , Dedicated, Willing to work anytime. So I call her in for an interview. In the interview she seems like a pleasant person that would fit in with the rest of the crew. The schedule is determined as well as the rate of pay (for arguements sake lets say $2 over minimum wage). She shows up early for her first shift and does all that is asked of her even showing the desire to learn more than is expected of her at this point. Sounds real good so far, right?

Now the nightmare. At 2:00 yesterday another employee calls in to say he can’t make his shift due to a death in the family. OK Tuesday is not a real busy day the new employee will be here as well as the rest of the crew. The new employee is to report for work at 4:30. At 5:00 there still has been no word from the new employee. Her cell phone is from a different area so she has asked that I comunicate by text message to save her the cost of long distance as she is roaming. I send a text to her asking if she is planning on showing up. The answer i get back is No I won’t be there but I still get paid for the other shift right?

So here is the question that has been bouncing around in my empty head all night. Would it be wrong of me to only pay this person minimum wage for the hours that she worked on her first and only shift?

I have searched the labor laws for my area and there is nothing that inicates that i must pay the offered amount.


I would just pay her the “agreed upon” rate. Look at it this way, she’s probably saving you a bunch of money in the long run. She only worked one shift so that’s what…an extra $16 max. If she stayed and you spent all that money to train her, it would definitely be more than $16. And, I pretty much guarantee she would have No-Showed sooner or later; probably on a Friday night… leaving you short-handed and a lot more frustrated than you are now.

If it wasn’t in writting, pay her the minimum. Her salary was based on staying longer than a shift.

The work ethic today is horrible.

Well, you know my opinion since we spoke on this earlier, but I am so sick and tired of people. I am sick of the entitlement, the lack of care for other people. Everything. As stated before, The agreed to rate was based on her coming in, training and taking a job! She broke her part of the deal. I do understand the other comment that she saved you money in the long run. I get it, but you know what. NO FLIPPING WAY! She wasted your time, wasted your staffs time that took time out of their day to help her, she disrespected you your employees and your business. She deserves nothing. Since you cant legally give her nothing, give her the closest to nothing possible. Am I sounding bitter? your darn right I am. I wont get into the topic from beginning to end. But times are going to get tough for people very soon here, and all these spoiled brats we have running around thinking that there are jobs on every corner are in for a reality check. Respect those who give you respect. Let the rest leave your brain as quickly as they entered it!
Rant complete* (for now)

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to vent something that has been Pi**ing me off for a long time.
Cheers :smiley: :shock:

(info:daddio and I chat via msn) Ok, now my rant is done. I will agree with you. You have stated you run your business with high standards. And want to do it in all situations. I agree with you, pay her agreed to amount. Keep your high standards. BUT! Do it for yourself and your business in mind. It is not for her, or because she deserved that rate of pay. That will make it easier to pay the amount. It will allow you to stop fretting over it, and move on. You have high standards, back that up with integrity. Good on ya! To be honest, I would love to say im a hard nose chicky and all, but I have tossed the idea of lowering the rate after someone dissed me and I didnt do it for the exact same reasons. I would love to say I am a hard ball player, but im not. I am insulted and hurt when someone takes advantage of me. But I pay the amount and get over it. But, ive changed my way of thinking on it. And my business integrity is far more important to me than a snot nosed brat.


Just to bring the rest of you up to speed about what canukfanlady is talking about.

I have decided that I will pay the agreed rate after thinking about what may come of the situation. I look at it this way. I made a commitment and if my word is not good enough for those who I am expecting to help my business prosper how can my word be good with my customers?

I also thought of the negative impact this could have on my business. If I were to go contrary to what was agreed upon the employee could rightfully say that I wronged her. The negative effects of telling her friends not to buy from me could be much greater than the $16 dollars that it would cost to do the right thing.

Thanks pizzafanatic for getting my mind back on what the real issue here is.

I always try to learn from my mistakes or others. So…I would consider, in the future, to offer a “training wage”
of minimum ( or whatever) and then they get their bump when they have completed the training and have been punctual.
I have always said–screw me once, shame on you-screw me twice, shame on me.

And personal honor seems worse. Pay her what you said. Learn from your mistakes.

I suspect the way you have to deal with new employees varies with the number of people who want to work…In our area there are so few folks looking for work the Dairy Queen, McDonalds and pizza places have had to cut back their opening hours…And a local sit down family restaurant closed again (3rd time) due to lack of staff…

This is exactly how we do it know. You will get paid minimum wage for the duration of your training period. When that training period is done we have a review and if all goes well you get your agreed upon wage. They are then available for a additional review in 90 days, then again at 1 year and every year after that…

True test of integrity is how we behave when we are treated badly.

Remind me of that in a few days, when I am on here ranting about something.

BUT one of the wonderful things we have in our policies, which they must sign the first day of work is… our uniform policy. Employees are given 2 new shirts at time of hire. If they work 6 months they are free, if they quite or are terminated the costs of their shirts will be deducted from their check. (No one likes a used shirt)

Anyway, they we sell the shirts for 10 bucks so that is 20 bucks off.

Nice little surprise when they open their check and see it is for only a couple of bucks.

They sign the policy.