What to expect on the 4th?

As this is my first year of operation, I have no idea what to expect on the 4th. Is this typically a big day for pizza places? Or are most people pretty much BBQing their own meals?

in my experience, the 4th hasn’t been a big day for pizza, I am closing my pizza shop for the day because it’s not going to be worth being open. We were open for memorial day from 4 to 7 ish, was supposed to be 4-9, but we only did a hundred dollars in sales in three hours so I closed early.

We close for the 4th.

3rd should be extra busy as it becomes a soft Friday.

I expect the week to be really soft for lunch as we are mostly business at that time.

we close for all major holidays and have for years…

Hello Chip,this is a perfect day for you to close and relax because you will be dead on this day.

We close the 4th. H#LL, we used to close the whole week because our town becomes a ghost town. Every business strubbles that week, and our staff can enjoy a vacation. That changed alast year, and this one we need all the $$$ we can drag in. So, we close for the 4th and open the rest of the week for our regular schedule. The week we stayed open, sales were robust.

Generally we are slow on the 4th… We are open, but not a big business day, unless it rains…Going to be a little strange this year as it falls on a Weds… Most of the area’s around us are either having their activities on the 1st or the 7th…
Could be 2 slow week-ends in a row?

What to expect on the 4th?

Sleeping in, cold beer, food not cooked in the store, a cool pool, fireworks and time with family and friends.

Maybe even some poker at the World Series of Poker, but then again it is only one day off :slight_smile:

I wish I could be closed on the 4th. I simply can’t afford it, but anyway as most have said it will most likely be slow (unless it rains). I do have a friend of mine that has a store withing 2 miles of where the fireworks are and he is crazy busy after the fireworks. Most likely because noone else is open though.

We only close for Christmas and Thanksgiving.

It is my opinion that you must always be ready to meet your customers demands(even though it’ll be very few) and we must be ready to meet the demands of our competitors customers(since they’ll be closed).

If I can get 3-5 new customers on a day that our competitors are closed I consider it a win.

I close, good day with the Wife and Kids


Thank God I’m in a military town. The city puts on a big festival called “Sundown Salute” downtown every year for the 4th of July holiday weekend. It’s a free outdoor party that starts this year on Friday and ends on the 4th. There are carnival rides for the kids, elephant rides, carnival games, free nightly concerts (this year The Guess Who and REO Speedwagon headline the event), and food booths. We have a booth set up, so that will compliment our sales for the weekend and save our butts for the 4th. We’re selling small 1 topping pizzas for $5 and are projecting a modest $400/day in increased sales. Adding that up over the next 6 days, we should have a sales increase of $2,400.

If I didn’t have this I’d be in the same boat as most of you. History has shown that 4th of July is as slow as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, etc.


Yeah, we will be closed on the 4th too. And, maybe some of you would disagree with us, but we close on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter (along with Thanksgiving, Christmas, Memorial Day, and Labor Day). We are family owned and operated…everyone has their family they want to spend those days with…thus everyone wants to request those days off anyway…and those days are all notoriously slow. The sales we would have on those days would not be enough to cover the costs incurred. Plus, the employees appreciate us understanding that they want to be with their families. Besides the fact that all of those days (with the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas) are always on Sundays or Mondays, which can be slow days anyway.

Just my thoughts…


Our town is as busy as can be on the 4th, but even then it is just an average day. It would be worse except all those tourists need to eat. It really helps if we get a thunderstorm around dinner time.

We are only opening from 11:30 to 3:00 carry out only.

We will proabaly do about $2,000 in 3 hours. Sheet pizzas and big packs of fried chicken!!

Skeleton crew - I love it!