What to Serve With Sweet Potato Fries

We are introducing sweet potato fries soon and we are looking for something to dip them in, any suggestions?

We don’t use a dip with ours but instead give them a sprinkle of cinnamon & sugar. Folks love 'em and it’s much cheaper, easier, than providing a dip.

There is a place here that makes a dill dip from sour cream and yogurt. People rave about it.

The wife eats 'em with honey…

I’m a blue cheese sauce man. Not the runny dip stuff on pouches, but an assertive ditty with greek yougurt, blue cheese, a little mayonnaise, I’m sure that there are recipes out there somewhere. Sweet, salty, tangy goodness.

I know I’m in the minority with the rest of the world, but I would never dip sweet potatoes (or sweet potato fries) in anything! They’re one of the very few things that taste amazing all by themselves… they don’t even need seasoning.

Sweet potatoes and avocados… And both superfoods to boot!

But yeah, I know everybody loves dipping.

I’m in Piper’s minority…although I like a little savory seasoning.

But I’ve tried blue cheese, chipotle aioli, dill yogurt, and chili ranch dips with yam fries. All good.

A place near by here serves them with syrup…

Garlic aioli

Cajun mayo or some kind of remolaude (sp?)