What took me so long?

Hey Guys,

I have been open for about a year and a half. To save labor cost I didn’t start delivery until 4 o’clock since I could handle everything on my own. I finally bit the bullet and added a driver so I could deliver all day long. To help get the daytime biz started I took menus and coupons and taped them to business doors at night when they were closed so not to disturb the businesses during the workday. All I hoped for is to get enough deliveries to pay for the driver. I thought that it would take about a month but it did starting day one. It has been about three weeks now and then Friday mourning I got a 9 pie order, then a 3 pie order. Then a couple on single pie orders, then another 3 pie order, all before 12:30. If it stays like this I am going to have to get another driver.

I just wanted to put this out to let anyone that is in the same place I was in know that the extra paychyeck is a scary thing to stare down but it will pay off. Feb was my best month yet and I am up 2 extra cases of cheese a week.


Great job Nate. These type of posts are always encouraging.


Congrats on your success. I am making a similar leap. Could you give me specifics on what made this work for you? What types of ways did yo get the word out? What does your market look like?