What traits you looking for in potencial employees?

as an example I recently hired person who seemed good, but then I noticed how unorganized and dirty his station was at all times and one day I was walking by his car and saw such a mess I never seen in my life… point is nowdays before I hire anyone I ask them to show me their car and if its dirty this person is a “no go” for me. please provide any other tips you might have for me who evidently has a poor judge of character lol they always seem to “get” me lol I hired hundreds and still wrong most of the times about where potencial person is worth hiring or not…
im also noticing people need to have good memory… those ppl remember things/recepies/counts of things fast , can also do multiple things at once… now if someone keeps asking me multiple times about how many chicken wings in a small order… well …this person most likely can also do one thing at a time and he will keep asking me about chicken wing count for years… what other little things like that you looking in person or can check at interview to help you decide to hire or not…

As my man Gary Vaynerchuk says “Hiring is guessing, firing is knowing.” I concentrate more on firing within the first two weeks than I do hiring. Within the first week you should know if someone has potential so I give myself two weeks just in case. I’ve noticed that my hires with no experience have always turned out better than the ones that have had experience. Actually everyone I have now has never had any pizzeria experience.

What you can do is incorporate those questions into your interview questions.

If you want to see how their memory is ask them a question that requires them to remember and recall certain details about it.

If you want to know how their math is, give them some mathematical questions

If you want to know how neat and clean they are give them a hypothetical question like if you are really busy and your work area is a mess do you a) work around the mess until you slow down, b) clean off your work area or c) find a different work area to work at

If you want to see how they are at multitasking ask them to write something down while asking them a question or to tap their head while rubbing their belly. (I personally don’t believe in multitasking because you are never really doing multiple things at once and if you are the finished product never turns out as good as if you gave it your full attention)

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I kinda starting to notice too that is easier for me to train someone from scratch than someone with extensive experience especially if you like things done particular way (food cooked same way by everyone, organization/flow of tickets particular way)… How do you “sniff” out someone who ll be easy to learn/memorize things/work well with other/have leadership skills out of people just filling applications? I cant let most ppl in just to see for a week or two if they work out…

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I don’t have an answer to that. Maybe during the interview instead of questions set up a Match Card Game, you know the cards with pictures on one side and you get to flip two around and try to match the first one you flipped. You’ll be able to figure out how well they remember and if they play nice they most likely will work well with others.

I live by consistency and K.I.S.S., keep it stupid simple or keep it simple, stupid whichever you prefer. I have checklists, recipe lists, menu item make cards, systems, processes, time limits. I take all the guess work out of almost everything (One of the reasons I went from a deck oven to conveyor).

What I have noticed is that if you don’t tolerate any bad traits and let go the employees who are not performing, holding their weight, or breaking the rules the rest of your staff respects you a lot more and will work harder for you once the other employee is gone. I’ve noticed that they step up and are willing to accept more responsibilities.

Things I look for when hiring:

Employment gaps of 1 month or more - I always ask why they weren’t working. If they say it’s personal they are a no go. Most of the time they come right out and tell you.

Job Jumpers - If it looks like they’ve been jumping from job to job they are either constantly looking for something that pays more or are a terrible employee and are being let go from every job or a combination of both

Long term employment - If someone has been employed for a company for a long period of time (over a year), there is some kind of loyalty. There is usually a legitimate reason why they are looking to leave. I ask why they are looking to leave etc.

No advancement (leadership skills) - If I notice that they have been employed over a year in the same position I ask them why they haven’t advanced to a higher position by now. They could say they are happy at the level they are at, there are no opportunities, being held back, promised but never happened - (this is why I left), etc.

Everything else people can fake. In the end I truly believe what Gary says that hiring is guessing. I’ve given up on the interview process. Three out of four interviewers usually never show up anyway. That’s why the fast food chains dedicate a certain day of the week to have open interviews. I will look at their online application, if I like it I will call them up, ask any questions I have, let them know exactly what I am looking for (hours, days, positions) and if that works for them and I like the answers to my questions I’ll let them know when they can start and what to bring.

Look into the staff you already have. Talk to them, ask them if they are looking to advance. If they are, set up a plan for them and see how they perform. I just started training someone to take inventory. I asked them if they wanted to learn, showed them how to do a few items and let her go at it. The first time was a disaster. After 4 times she has it down. Now that’s one more person that can take inventory if needed.

Over the years we have decreased our potential new hire requirements. I have copied our current list below.

  1. Potential new hire must be breathing and conscious.

I have come to the conclusion if they can’t follow the instructions to get the job they likely won’t follow instructions on the job.

When I advertise an opening I always put No phone calls please. I have an application form with a header that says Please fill in all parts of this form. If there are any blanks you will not be considered for the position. You would be amazed at how many people I eliminate with these two things.


I use the phone screen interview provided by restaurantowner.com. It has been very effective.