What Type Of Cheese Do You Use?

We’ve used mozzarella-provolone blend cheese for many years & have grown accustomed to it. Prior to this, we’ve tried Whole Milk Mozarella, Part Skim Mozarella and have discovered that nothing beats the mozarella-provolone (50/50) blend. The aroma is very intoxicating and the cheese has a golden glow when it comes out of our oven.

What kind of cheese is everyone else using?

It’s the Pizza that makes the man, not the man…

We use part skim mozz. and monterey jack 50/50. We grate it ourselves. Tried the pre shredded, but it wasn’t as good. It’s too dry, and it burns in our air deck. Have had a lot of possitive input from customers with owr mix.
Tom R

I have always used a blend of part skim and full fat mozza. great stretch and flavor

Grande Whole Milk.

The 50/50 or even more blend is where its at - the provolone has got that
stink that mizz cant touch. mm mm