What type of oven do I need

If you were new to the pizza side of take out business and were trying to figure out how many pizza’s you’d expect to make in your busiest hour, how would you do it? We have an established take out only business main menu is fish and chicken. Starting in September we will be selling pizza by the slice. We are planning to add full pies in the future so i’m wondering is there any particular way you can figure out how many pizza’s you will make in your busiest hour?

Hi CaptSammy:

I do not think any one can tell you how much pizza you will sell. I think the question should be, how many pizzas will you have to sell to make the inclusion of that item into your operation profitable.

Unfortunately I cannot answer that question. Perhaps others who operate pizza shops can help find the answer. Once you determine the answer I can advise you as to the equipment required to produce the amount of pizza you require

George Mills

Sorry George, my question was not put very well. What I meant to ask was once I guestamate how many pizza’s we will sell in a week, how should I go about determining how many will come in our busiest time. Pizza Pirate gave me some insight on the thread: “a few questions for the masters.” Our place works basically like this: 40% of our sales come Monday thru Thursday.50% comes Friday and 10% comes Saturday. If Pizza sales break down similar: 40% of total sales would come Monday thru Thursday, 60% Friday & Saturday. In our Friday business 75% comes between 3:30 and 7:30pm. Again I would think Pizza is similar. Pizza pirate says 75% of total pizza sales will come in a 2 to 3 our period so if I guestamate total pizza sales of 400 per week, the numbers should break like this. 40% come Monday to Thurs (160), 60% come Friday (240) with 75% coming within 3 hours, my oven should be able to make 180 pies in an hour. If my biggest pie is 16" and my bake time is 4 1/2 minutes per pie now what would you recomend

Thanks CaptSammy