What types of companies have you cross promoted with?

What type of companies have you successfully done cross promotions with? I’ve heard of people trying some of the following, but I’m looking for some other ideas. Mainly because these places in my town are either working with someone else already, or are corporate chains and won’t try anything like this in my town.

[list]Dry Cleaners
Quick Lube
Video Stores[/list]

Have you thought about local high school football games? Perhaps a $3 off special with ticket stub?

Another thought is a co-op type advertising with an insurance agent. The agent buys the radio commercials, but the commercial is $3 off Scott’s Super Pizza with an auto rate quote. He provides incentive for the rate quote (your pizza) and you provide the discount for the “free” advertising. The logistics aren’t put together in my head yet, as you either want the agent to mail a hard coupon or email something (but you don’t want the same person using the same coupon 50 times).


Now that you mention it, that is one we acutally have in place. A local independant agent runs newspaper ads with our logo etc… on it and the ad says “Get a FREE quote, get a FREE pizza.” He hand writes them a certificate from a coupon book, and we pay him very reduced rate for the ones that are turned in.

About the football. I haven’t thought about the ticket stub idea. But I did contact the local high school AD, but I havne’t gotten anywhere. I’m thinking about sending a package UPS with a bunch of different ideas in it. I wanted to do small vinyl footballs and basketballs for the cheerleaders to throw into the stands.

I guess I just need to get more agressive and go down to the highschool and get face to face with the AD, rather then an email.

If you get nowhere with the AD, try the band director.

We have advertised apartment complexes on our boxes in return they allow us to doorhang and put a free pizza card in their move in packets.

Another succesful one has been with a pool hall/bar. They closed their kitchen due to smoking in restaurant regulations in florida and commonly order 5-20 pizzas for their large events. We also sell a few orders a day to their customers as they keep our menu posted next to thier phone.

Lastly, AAA auto club has had us put flyers on our boxes and purchases free pizza cards from us. When someone uses one of these cards to sign up, they get a free pizza from us.

Get together with a handfull of other locally owned businesses and produce a co-op flyer…Then each location distributes the same flyers to their customers and it helps promote each other…RCS…

Well…it really depends who you want to attract…I would imagine ANYONE that is willing to pay for a pizza, correct?

So…think of people that usually order pizza…

When I think pizza…I can’t help but to think “movies”.

Take for example a Blockbuster Video (not that particular chain as they might have some regulations regarding these programs)…or even better, your local video/dvd store.

Have them give you coupons for 20% off or $ 1 off rentals which you can pass to people that order pizzas and, have them hand coupons of your pizza specials at their store.

If you are a mom/pop operation, believe it or not, it might be easier for you to get it done.

Realtors have quite a bit of “spending money”…which I call “investing captial” available…similar to insurance agents. “Allow me to show you a listing and dinner is on me” has been very popular in this area and in other countries"…dinner = pizza of course.

Hope that helps.