What was the last issue of PMQ you recieved?

I have had a couple of people call or email about not receiving their PMQ Magazine. I am going to list the issues here by month since January. If you haven’t recieved your April issue, email me at tom@pmq.com and let me know what issue was the last one you did get and also include your address where it was being sent so we can check it and send some back issues. Thanks

Jan/Feb issue…Eureka Pizza Cover
March issue…Wise Guys Cover
April issue…Iraq Vet Cover
May issue…Big Apple Pizza Cover
June/July…(Just mailed today) Pizza Fusion Cover

got big apple about 3 weeks ago

Big Apple issue, about a month ago.

got mine

You guys are lucky getting it monthly.

Our Aussie version only comes out quarterly and it is badly dog eared by the time we get the next one.

Tom, any chance on getting on the subscription list?


The last I received was the big apple issue a few weeks back. -J_r0kk


You guys fail the “follow the directions” test.

What is up with the Canadian edition?..If it is still around how does one get on the list?..Can I get on the US list?..RCS…

Note to those not in the US. I can get you one the mailing list for the US issue, but it does require a paid subscription due to the cost of international mailing rates for sending 10 US issues (sorry guys, but we gotta pay the light bills and the post office). Call 662-234-5481 ext 120 or email sherlyn@pmq.com and talk to email Sherlyn Clark to subscribe to the US issue. Some of you that may not be getting issues may be because your free/complimentary issues ran out and your subscription needs to be upgraded, but I will have the back issues up to now sent. If you would like to go to paid subscription (which gives you even more right to call me if it doesn’t come ;), you can use the same contact info).

All subscribers are equal, but some subscribers are more equal than others.

-----“Napolean’s” Last Commandment as amended (Animal Farm)

big apple…several weeks ago