whats going on???

who opened the flood gates???

I dunno, All week has been pretty busy for us. Last week was our spring break, but this week is definitely busier.


Damn I wish I could say the same we were kind of slow down 15% this week

Hopping and still able to post at 6:04pm ?

Good job.

:lol: very good point…to answer your question it is called GOOD FRIDAY :wink: did you notice alot of plain and veggie pizzas by chance?

we were VERY slow last night

Very slow week for us. One our slowest Fridays ever.

Pretty good sales until Friday night - very slow. Almost no sales today.

i do not no what it was,but ,we were slammed all day yesterday,today also…
so far that is…at time of post i was already breaking any fri. record totals.
today so far have blown away any sat. totals,i cant keep up with the prep tables with chop and cheese.i am getting head spins,my eyes are all blurry,and im feeling a bit sick.

Is your computer on your Mixer, HA. just playing. That is awsome, our friday was typical, but our saturday felt abit slower than ussual. We are clossed today Sunday Celebrating EASTER.