What's on your TV?

When its game day, the games are on. What about the inbetween times? What have you found to me neutral for your customers? Some want Fox(so do I) but others get that glare in the eyes. I have 3 tv’s.


The other night I was in Kansas City (or actually 20 miles west)…The Tampa Bay / Boston game was on and I was listening to it on XM…I wanted to catch the end so I stopped at a sports bar…They had 40 plus TVs and at the time I entered not one was on baseball…When there are no sports I want news in several incarnations…

PS…So sad our local kid, Jason Bay got knocked out so early…

We have 3 TV’s - 1 in the dining room and 2 in the game room. The one in the dining room is usually left on CNN Headline News, and the 2 in the Game Room have ESPN Sports and the Discovery Channel for the most part.
I have the remotes for the TV’s in the game room velcroed behind the TV’s so the customer can change the channels in there. The TV in the dining room - I control the remote :smiley:

we have three tvs

one on ESPN one on CNN and one on Fox news

If there is a game on the tvs go to the game

2 tv’s one espn one cnn…in the morning the price is right has to be on :-)…and at night ill put anything from hockey to football on