What's personal favorite pizza ?

I am a Garlic nut so,I take a 20oz dough slap into an 18’’,shmear w/ good olive oil a lot of fresh garlic,sauteed onion,seeded hot pepper flakes and some Reggianno,salt and pepper.I guess its just a great Facaccia but dang is this heaven w/some good Dieggo Red.


I like cracker thin crust, a semi sweet sauce and provel cheese with meat. Since we don’t have cracker thin crust nor provel cheese I usually let the guys over at Imos make my pie. I love Imos pizza, it is the best ever in my opinion.

12" with meat sauce, sliced meatballs fresh outta the oven, sliced pepperoncini, crushed red pepper flakes, then sprinkled with a little pinch of parmesean, top with light mozz and a little well done…I’ll be taking one home tonight!

My favorite, regardless of size is Italian sausage, pepper cheese w/ a touch of mozz, Bacon, onion, jalapeno, red pepper flakes. It’s a spicy slice of heaven.

Second, but very close: 16" pie. maple flavored pork sausage, 4 eggs whipped pepper to taste, cheddar cheese, bacon (cover the sausage with the whipped eggs, if you have a thin crust pizza make sure your edges are crimped to hold the raw egg, then cover the pizza with cheddar, top w/ bacon, cook and serve)

Something different: BLT: Ranch as the sauce, bacon, sliced tomatoes(Pepper as an option) Cook this in the oven. Mix lettuce and mayo in a container and make sure the mayo covers the lettuce. Cover the Pizza with the mayo lettuce mixture and you have a blt pizza!!!

Man how boring it is to read about all your faves when I have the absolute fave to share! :wink:

I can’t help myself when it comes to this pie, I can eat a slice an hour and never get bored for the rest of my life.

First we hand-toss our dough, spread some raw san marzano tomatoes that have been seasoned with fresh garlic, oregano, XV olive oil and salt.

Next we throw on some Grande shredded mozzarella and just a pinch of dried oregano. Throw it on the deck and let it cook until crust has nice slightly darker then golden brown color with some cheese carmelization.

I cut it right then and there and my ritual is to stare at the slice as I bite into it and enjoy each savory bite!

I know, nothing to it but I can’t stay away from wholesome simplicity: thin crust, light cheese, delicious!

And expensive! Man, the imported fresh San Marzano tomatoes I’ve seen aren’t something I’d ever keep in my shop. Are you talking about domestic grown variety?

Kudos for such high end varietal ingredients. I’ll try that one day soon.

Are you talking about domestic grown variety?


Hey Nick I am talking about imported italian san marzano style tomatoes. I find them priced right and delicious, the real san marzano tomato is too expensive.

Is there an Imo’s near you? I’m in St Louis, and thought they were only in Mo and IL

First favorite is…pesto sauce, pepperoni, salami, mushrooms, artichokes, and linguica.

Second is “marinara” sauce with sliced tomatos on top of the sauce, extra cheese and pepperroni…mmmmmm.

I’m back in the st. louis area, boy did I miss Imos when I was in NC

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