What's safer to eat than pizza?

Knowing that nothing survives the heat of a commercial pizza oven is a great reminder to customers that pizza may be the worlds safest food to eat.

Has anyone seen a video from our industry that makes this point? Please pass it on here so we can share. Thanks

PMQ Steve

Although the pizza oven heat will kill microbes , the are toxic metabolic byproducts from Staphylococcal aureus or Botulism that are not neutralized by heat. In the case of Coronavirus, it’s what happens to the pizza after coming out of the oven.

Thanks for engaging in this conversation. The safest food in the world/ heat argument originates from a Dominos Pizza PR manual and we agree that this is a good way to start the narrative but it only inspires consumer confidence to the point the pizza exits the oven.

Is anyone here from Papa Murphys? Or have take and bake? Are your sales up proportionally higher other pizza concept?

From the hot oven the pizza remains safe as a result of putting the pizza into the box uncut?

Sealing it? And putting it into a larger plastic bag?

PMQ is looking to create some generic customizable artwork that could be used for box topping and marketing purposes.

from my own Let’s see if we can work out a narrative that is true and solid. Let’s start with the