Whats some of the best Gelato Machines?

Hi there,

I was thinking of doing a Pizza & Gelato shop. I was wondering if anyone here could give me a list of names of the best gelato machines for restaurant/ice cream shop use. Something that can handle making tons of flavors for a store! I’d say it would be 70% gelato - 30% pizza.

  • Can I have a list of names of the best machines on the market?

  • Can I have a name or two of some of the cheaper ones that are very good quality?

  • Any advice in getting into the gelato store business? Anything that might be some knowledge you have that would help with my learning curve.

  • Whats a good price for a new machine?

  • If getting a used machine, what is somethings I should look out for, is there any parts I have to worry about going bad, anything I should or ask first when buying a used machine.


If it fits into your schedule a trip to the NAPICS show in Columbus at the end of January might be worthwhile. We went the year before we opened our shop, couldn’t get away last year but wanted to. It’s a really nice sized show with a TON of vendors from all aspects of the pizza and ice cream world. The seminars we attended were well worth our drive and the willingness of the vendors to take time to actually discuss their products with the attendees vs. hand out a free pen and push you down the aisle was refreshing.

We’re trying to get scheduled in this coming show ourselves as a recent trip to Italy raised the “gelato” bug in us as well! If you go, the Red Roof Inn is a fantastic hotel option, unlike any of the other Red Roofs you’re familiar with and only a block from the convention center.

Thank you for the information, Yeah I am in ohio so I’ll have to check that out.

http://www.carpigiani.com/usa/index.htm … =7&stid=11

My mother had a very successful gelateria for decades and Carpigiani machines where the only machines she ever used… Basically they were to ice cream what Hobart is to dough…
I wouldnt go any other way if I had the choice