Whats the easiest, less costly to close up shop for good?

Re: Whats the easiest, less costly to close up shop for good

I have to agree with Nick on this one. Over time we do become on our own worst enemy. As business owners we are responsible for motivating and continually training ourselves. There are many of things which make us feel uncomfortable and certainly take us out of our comfort zone, I usually look at those times as the first sign I am doing my job.

It is so easy to listen to the compliments and so easy to ignore (not hear) the complaints. We like to focus on the good instead of being willing and able to change the bad. The fact that you don’t have return visits says alot. They either don’t like your product or you haven’t given them a reason to come back. I know just socializing with my customers brings them back. The “coupons” brings them back and simply reminds them I am there. As I have mentioned before the edited menus should have been in the trash months ago. The list goes on and on and I realize you can’t hear our suggestions because you are “done”

I know you have given it your all and then some, but once we become complacent we are clearly in danger. We no longer have the motivation to do even the minimum things necessary to stay strong.

I would talk to an attorney.

But I would like to also mention there is no easy way out of this. There is no quick fix, there is no painfree exit and nothing will be easy. I think that is why most of us tend to keep encouraging you to fix the problems rather than throw in the towel. Both, exiting and continuing will cost you money and to some of us who are strong willed we just get that second, third and hundreth wind to continue trying things to improve. Even typing this I tried to stay on course with your post but instead want to type…try this, do that…why are you doing this…why aren’t you doing that. That is just my personality and that is what I do every second in my own business.

Get all the facts before you make a decision but don’t let the thought of getting out stop you doing what you need to do today which is build your business.


Re: Whats the easiest, less costly to close up shop for good

Thanks again for taking the time to reply in my thread. I tried viewing all of them as helpful posts, which they are, but I think Kris maybe be right. I’m hearing your suggestions and such, but I’m not listening b/c I’m “done”.

I just don’t see any hope here. As I said before, even if I could turn this place around and pull in 150-200k/year (which as of right now, seems impossible) thats only approx 30,000 in take home pay (if that). And thats AFTER we start seeing a profit. I’ve NEVER EVER been all about money, nor do I consider myself money motivated, but 30k a year isnt very pretty for the amount of work and headache. I used to be passionate so much that I didn’t care about not taking home ANY pay, but after being beaten up so many times, I feel that the passion is gone. I don’t expect you guys to feel sorry for me, or am I saying all this so you guys can give me all the answers and do my work for me.

I am my own worst enemy, theres no denying that. This place needs some serious marketing, new menus, new magnets, new image, specials, advertising, community involvement, a good perception/overall value but nothing will get done.

Not going to blame my dad, but he doesn’t agree with a fraction of what you guys say. And to convince him otherwise is worse than moving a mountain with a slow drip. If he was out of the picture, I would just do the things to benefit the company on my own, but I can’t because I’m held back. I don’t even bother any more, we barely communicate. Everytime I have a great idea or anything, he usually turns it down almost instantly or says “let me think about it”.

But I will take the advice and talk with my dad about seeing a lawyer and such. That might be the best option we have.

Thanks again guys.