whats the point of box toppers if i have menu coupons...

hi, I wanted to print ton of box toppers to put on all take out pizza boxes and shopping bags with other items, but since im about to print more menues im thinking whats the point of flyers to attach to orders if my take out menu has almost same coupons inside? any input is very helpful… also does anyone stamp their brown bags you use for take out with your own logo? if so, where did you get such a large custom stamp? are you happy with stamping each bag or is it a waste of time in your opinion?

Box toppers are a more direct way for customers to see the coupons you want them to use. These should be tailored toward your highest margin coupons, i.e. pizza and breadsticks. Box toppers are also considerably less than printing menus, also they give the appearance of something new, as opposed to the customer always seeing a menu

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We use a marketing company that sells advertising space of other local businesses on our box toppers and gives us our ad for free. In return we distributed them on all of our boxes.

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