Whats up fellas? Any old schoolers around?

I have been away…startin something new this week. Thought I would drop by and say hi… so Hi!

Hi Matt, how are you? It’s been a long time since you’ve been on this forum. This is Roger (my previous user name on here), I designed a door hanger for you a couple of years ago. I finally opened my printing business that I had talked to you about. Do you still have your pizza shop?

Welcome back TPOC!

Yea, some of us are still here. Except now, the grasshoppers are the teachers…

Hey…glad to hear from you. What have you been up to?


Welcome back.

Hey roger! whats up man? good to see you are still here. I am in the market for doorhangers, magnets and menus…do you know anyone in the biz? :wink:

Thank you sir! I hope you are well!

does that mean I am demoted to grasshopopa status? It’s funny, I spent all night searching for advice under my own name that I gave to others… ugh am I really that old?

Sooo glad you are still here! If I recall you had a tiny kitchen… thats what I am dealin with now! Maybe you can help :wink:

Thank you sir, by your sig line I can see you havn’t changed much :slight_smile:

Ok… update on TPOFTC

I am no longer with my old venture…

I got a real J.O.B. for a year, which is a record for me. Now I have an opportunity…

My buddy owns a bar/live music venue (big surprise in Nashville right?)

So, his bar business is great and he has 4 more on the books. His kitchen sucks, thats where I come in. I spent the last week “cleaning house” I found 4 open gallons of bleu cheese, and some ground beef expired 5 weeks ago so, needless to say my hands have been full.

here is my goal:

I want the kitchen to rock, and take care of the bar. Yet under a seperate name and phone # I want to set up a delivery biz. The reason it needs to be seperate, there is know way the family of 4 is going to order pizza for delivery from The … (insert typical bar name here)

Is this possible? Its a challenge yes, and I love it!



Btw, does Chef Jeff post over here? What about Otis?

We run moved/run our DelCo @ at the biggest/most popular college bar in town - kept our name…we just share their market…works good 4 us…lost some regulars…got some new ones…we tell
em we’re inside of the bar, as we’re going to add dining sometime…its a challenge, but doable…

Hey man, you were in my thoughts as I put this idea forward. I am NOT in a college town, thats the thing. There is a franchise pizza joint 1.2 mile from me, that did 22G last week (yes I know the GM) 22G!!! all delivery to neighborhoods, schools, businesses etc…

That is why I need to have a ‘Vanilla’ name… understand?

Otis passed away over a year ago, may he rest in peace.

Question about your (potential) bar kitchen arrangement:
(For those of you not in Tennessee, we have a smoking restriction such that all places that allow smoking, except for private clubs, must be 21 years old or over for everyone all the time, even when closed for cleaning and even for family members. Most independently operated “bars” have smoking. These smoking places are generally beer joints. To serve wine and/or spirits there are restrictions including minimum seating capacity, a kitchen and the seldomly enforced requirement that no more than half of the sales come from all forms of alcohol. There are restaurants/bars that have smoking, but they are all 21 and over all the time.)

I have spent way more than enough time in local bars/pool rooms to know that the Tennessee smoking restrictions have concentrated the smokers into far fewer places than previously. In many of these places they have the additional stress of shooting pool in a pool league or trying to navigate the dating scene. This results in a single location having 400 to 600 to 800 or more cigarettes smoked in a single evening. It saturates everything… seriously, everything. So if your bar kitchen is in one of these places how do you think your customers are going to react to a pizza box (and delivery person) saturated with the smell of cigarette smoke?

Chef Jeff posts primarily on the Pizza Today site while Otis guides us via that angel that sits on our shoulder. :cry: He passed away a couple years ago, but his posts remain for us to keep learning from.

Chef Jeff is a Mod on the other forum and is also a regular contributor to that mag so he doesn’t frequent here. I had an opportunity to meet with Jeff and Nick this passed summer. Between the 2 of them I really felt like a rooky.

Otis passed away a while back. He is really missed around here.

Hi Passion,
Never met you yet, but it seems your popular here, glad your back. We have a very big on-line presence, so big when I started to do more and more catering and on-line ordering a bigger number of my guests don’t even know where I am. Sounds weird, but it’s true. I deliver on really busy nights to keep in touch with my customers and I can’t believe how many not only haven’t been in my joint, but have no idea where it is. Now I do a good amount of advertising, and tons of email marketing, so that kinda baffles me and has started me on a whole new direct mailing campaign. Anyway, what I was getting at is, why not put a web/up to the times face on the kitchen. You can get a catchy name, claim the URL, a cool logo and make the website your storefront. You could get a decent affordable on-line ordering system and a separate phone number. Bingo, a separate face, and with my experience in my own part of the woods (and I mean woods) they may not even know where your coming from. Being an “old dog” doesn’t mean you can’t do the on-line thing and provide awesome food for the bar.
Well that’s my two cents, good luck in whatever you do, experience is on your side.


WOW! It took me almost a day gtom respond about Otis. I feel kinda bad now for nhaggling with him overf $100 on a Nemco chopper.

What happened? :frowning: